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Cheap Airfare
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Traveling is something we all think about on a daily basis in this community. Where is the next cheap flight? How can I find cheap airfare? Where should I go next? Hitlist & WanderTab has transformed my first step in travel – where do I go next? For Free App Friday, we’re going to show you how to find your next adventures and cheap airfare!

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Hitlist – Cheap Airfare and other goodies!

Hitlist is an app created for adventurers. Still considered a small Silicon Valley startup, this company is going to revolutionize cheap fare travel.

It uses your location to serve you cheap airfare out of your home airport. The app also goes into categories such as:

  • Weekend getaways
  • Tropical getaways
  • Best for photography
  • Spicy food spots
  • Underrated Asia
  • James Bond Film Locations

Hitlist gives you ideas you would never think of!

On the app, it is a very similar design to AirBnB with a tile-based layout. The functionality is awesome as you can set up your profile, then let the app know where you’ve been and where you want to go in the future.

The Hitlist app is a great way for the non-points traveler to find cheap airfare and discover new adventures!

Click here to download for iPhone or Android!

WanderTab – Google extension for wanderlust

WanderTab is an awesome Google Extension for Chrome users! This has been developed by the same people at Hitlist and it’s just as useful.

Downloading the Extension will allow you to see where you can go from your airport. It is a great way to constantly research market prices for cash flights. The extension pulls flights from SkyScanner and serves them to you each time you open a new tab.

However, I will say this isn’t always the cheapest flights out there. Be sure to do your research. But, this is a great way to mentally escape the work grind during your week!

Cheap Airfare
Some flight prices aren’t screaming deals, but it is a great way to daydream at work about new adventures!

The Bald Thoughts

When you are looking for your next vacation, this is a great place to start! This app can give you unique experiences at a reasonable price. This app is appropriate for the rookie travelers or the well traveled. I do wish that the user interface of the Hitlist app was a bit different. But all in all, its worth a download!

I give this a 9.9/10.

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

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