Capital One Partners with Uber Eats: Earn 5x on Orders

Capital One Venture Card
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Capital One continues to innovate its credit card lineup with new partnerships. The latest addition is Uber Eats, where cardholders can now earn 5x points on all orders through January 2021. This is great news because you can also redeem your Venture Miles to pay for those meals. Now that Capital One partners with Uber Eats, you can really cash in on your take-out orders.

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Capital One partners with Uber Eats: Unlimited 5x Miles

Starting July 14, 2020, Capital One Venture and Capital One VentureOne cardholders will earn unlimited 5x miles on all orders with Uber Eats. Additionally, Capital One Savor and Capital One SavorOne credit cards earn unlimited 5% cash back on all orders.

This promotion runs through January 31, 2021. So that’s almost seven months of additional miles and cash back that you can earn with Capital One and Uber Eats.

If you don’t already have an Uber Eats account, use my Uber referral link to get a small bonus.

As you can see, with this promotion, the amount you can earn with Uber Eats is quite nice compared to the normal rewards on purchases. The Capital One Venture Card is earning 250% of what is normally does on these orders.

All Purchases Dining Uber Eats
Capital One Venture 2x 2x 5x
Capital One VentureOne 1.25x 1.25x 5x
Capital One Savor 1% 4% 5%
Capital One SavorOne 1% 3% 5%

Earnings rates good through January 31, 2021

Redeem miles for dining and streaming purchases

Capital One Miles are best used to “erase” your travel purchases or to transfer to one of its 17 airline and hotel transfer partners. But, since so many people aren’t traveling right now, we need other options for our miles and points.

Starting in April 2020, Capital One has allowed Capital One Miles to be redeemed for eligible restaurant delivery, takeout, and streaming purchases. Participating streaming services include Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. This promotion runs through September 30, 2020.

This means that you can earn 5x Miles with the Capital One Venture Card on Uber Eats orders, then redeem them to pay off your order. How cool is that?

It may not be the highest and best use of your miles, but it is a good option if you aren’t planning on traveling any time soon.

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How to maximize this Capital One / Uber Eats promotion

To maximize the partnership between Capital One and Uber Eats, you’ll want to incorporate promo codes and use portals when ordering.

Portals to earn rewards and cash back on Uber Eats orders

Most people order directly through the Uber Eats app. Instead of doing that, first click through a portal to earn even more rewards. Yes, these rewards stack on top of the Capital One miles or cash back that you’ll earn with this promotion.

Currently, you can earn as much as $7 from Top Cashback or 350 miles from American Airlines when you order through their portals. Go to Cashback Monitor for the latest earnings opportunities.

Uber Eats portal CashbackMonitor July 2020

Uber Eats promo code SUMMERHEAT

I added the promo code SUMMERHEAT, which will give me 25% off my next two orders with Uber Eats between now and 11:55 pm Pacific on July 19, 2020. Not sure if this promo code is still available, but try to see if it will work for you.

Uber Eats promo code SUMMERHEAT July 2020

The Bald Thoughts

I love it when you can earn additional miles and cash back on the credit cards you already have. These extra rewards get you that much closer to your next vacation. Even if we aren’t traveling much right now, you can still earn rewards for the future. And, for a limited time, Capital One is allowing you to redeem your rewards to pay off dining and streaming purchases. Now that Capital One Partners with Uber Eats, it is a total win-win situation for cardholders like you and me.


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