Boeing Pleads Guilty, United Club Tipping, Hotel Amenities To Ask For

Kimpton Palomar San Diego Welcome Amenity
I love the Kimpton Inner Circle welcome amenities .
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Boeing agrees to plead guilty to defrauding US regulators but escapes punishment sought by victims’ families.

Breaking news about Boeing pleading guilty to some of its crimes. While it will pay fines of up to $487 million to avoid prosecution, that’s just a fraction of the $24.8 billion that victim’s families were seeking. And it’s such a small number considering that Boeing’s profits for Fiscal 2024 were $7.7 billion. It’s no wonder that families of the victims of two crashes oppose this settlement.

United Club Shakedown: Tip Demands From Staff Infuriate Passengers – Enough Is Enough.

Tipping culture is jumped the shark. It used to be funny how we’d find tipping requests at the most unexpected places. And it’s even worse when people expect you to tip when it’s normally not customary. I’m totally fine tipping bartenders when ordering drinks, but it’s usually for good service and a smile rather than a scowl and the bare minimum. What are your thoughts?

United Club LAX
Outdoor patio at United Club LAX

7 Hotel Amenities You Didn’t Know to Ask For.

When booking a hotel, we all expect a comfy bed and clean bathroom during our stay. In the rush to pack everything, there’s always something that we forget. From toiletries to bike rentals, there a numerous amenities that are available to hotel guests if you simply ask. Of course, amenities vary by location and which brand of hotel you’re staying at. If you’re unsure of what’s available, ask the front desk.

13 hotels you’ve seen in movies you can actually book.

Didn’t get enough of your favorite movie? Well, there are some hotels featured in movies that you can actually stay at. While you probably won’t see the stars of the film during your stay, you can recreate the memories of the film as you walk through the property. The hotels on this list include both domestic and international properties, as well as recent and classic films, so there’s something for everyone.

The Real Reason Airplanes Never Seem to Have Enough Overhead Bin Space.

I’m #TeamCarryOn, and it can be frustrating when the airline says that there’s not enough room in the overhead bins or that your bag is too big. I hate waiting at baggage claim, and it gets worse when the airlines lose your bags. It’s great that more airlines are installing overhead bins that allow bags to sit on their sides instead of laying down. You can fit more bags in this way, so there’s more room for everyone. Having one of the best airline credit cards helps since most cards include priority boarding, which gives you first access to the overhead bins over other Economy travelers.

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