GIVEAWAY: Bestek 200 Watt Cupholder Power Inverter

Bestek 200 watt cupholder power inverter
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We recently moved from Southern California to move to Nashville. And we drove 10 days along the way to see family and friends. During this trip, I learned how important it is to charge your devices. Imagine being stuck in a car for 8 to 12 hours a day with grumpy kids with dead iPad batteries. That’s where the Bestek 200 Watt Cupholder Power Inverter comes in. It can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously and fits in a cupholder!

I’m so happy with my purchase, that I’m partnering with Bestek for this sponsored post to give away one of these Bestek 200 Watt Cupholder power inverters to one lucky reader. Read below for details on how to enter.

Bestek 200 Watt Power Inverter Review

The Bestek 200 Watt Cupholder power inverter is a compact device that works well with cars that don’t have a lot of room in the center divider. And with its compact design of only 7″ tall by 4″ wide and 13 ounces, the power inverter easily fits into your glove box or trunk when you’re not using it.

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4 ports to charge multiple devices

You can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously with 200 watts of power. There are two AC plugs for laptops, tablets, and other devices. And the two 2.4 amp USB ports have enough power to charge your phones, iPads, or smartwatch.

The 12-volt cigarette lighter port is perfect for plugging in your GPS device or radar detector for long road trips.

Built-in protection for your devices

Car batteries generate a lot of power and heat, but the Bestek 200 watt cupholder power inverter has built-in fans and 25 amp / 32-volt fuse to ensure your devices are protected. These safeguards protect your devices from overloading, overheating, overcharging, or short-circuiting.

18-month warranty

I’ve been using Bestek power inverters for a while now and haven’t had any problems with them. But, I like knowing that Bestek stands behind their products and offers an 18-month warranty.

Enter to win a Bestek 200 Watt Cupholder Power Inverter

To enter the sweepstakes to win, comment below by answering one of these two questions:

  • How do you keep your devices charged while driving?
  • What’s your favorite road trip accessory?

We’ll keep the contest open until Friday, August 3, 2018, at 11:59 PM Central Time. We will only mail to an address within the United States. Only one entry per person.

When I wake up Saturday morning, I’ll pick a winner and get your address to send you your very own Bestek 200 Watt Cupholder power inverter.

If you don’t win, you can buy a Bestek 200 Watt cupholder power inverter from Bestek Mall or Amazon for less than $30.

The Bald Thoughts

When I’m out on the road traveling to different resorts and hotels, I like having a reliable power supply to charge all of my devices at once. It’s a total pain when you have to take turns charging phones and iPads when you only have one or two plugs. And you know that GPS just sucks the life out of your phone!

I want to arrive ready to shoot videos and pictures at my destination. Having a power inverter is one of the ways I make sure I’m ready to go.

I’m excited to see your responses and pick a winner. Readers often have some of the best answers to questions of how to ensure you have the best trip possible. Remember to comment below with your answer to one of the two questions above to enter into our sweepstakes for your very own Bestek 200 watt cupholder power inverter.


  1. Favorite accessory is a Yeti travel mug to keep drinks hot or cold for as long as you’d ever need. While maybe not technically an accessory, SiriusXM radio as well. Don’t have to worry about constantly searching for local radio stations I’d like.

    • Oh yeah, cold beverages are key! I love having some ice cold water to keep hydrated while driving. When I know I’ll be driving late at night, I’ll bring a mini-cooler filled with Red Bull, Gatorade, and water so that I’ll be sure to stay awake.

  2. My phone gets usually charged via USB port, its slow but it offers connectivity to the integrated screen. I had a power converter too, but it was a cheap one and broke as I plugged it in to charge batteries for my drones on the go to be always flight ready. This would be a great addition…

    • It’s hard to beat the integration when you plug directly into your vehicle. Bummer that your power converter broke! I like that Bestek offers an 18-month warranty on the device so you don’t have to worry about it. What kind of drone do you have? I bought my DJI a year ago and love it.

    • I used to use one of those as well. But I found my phone would overheat when using the GPS and podcast app for long periods of time because the screen was always on and the battery constantly charging. Have you experienced the same?

  3. To charge our stuff now, we use a two port cigarette lighter charger. Hanging an iPad from the back seat head rest was crucial for a road trip up the east coast with our 1 year old, but I just Jerry-rigid it and there was no charger. The other gadget we use is the cell phone holder on the dash so I can see the directions. It just broke, so I don’t know how I’ll survive.

    • I hear you, Sean. I bought my cell phone holder before our trip, and now I wonder why I waited so long to buy one. Yeah, you definitely need to keep the kiddo occupied during long trips so there’s less kicking and screaming.

  4. I currently use one of those standard cigarette outlet USB converters, but it’s difficult to keep laptops and other devices charged that require AC plugs, especially on long road trips.

  5. I use a UsB that is in my console, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to charge very well. My fav accessory is a holder for my phone so I can see the GPS directions properly.

    • Hi Ann. Most of the older USB ports that are built-in the dash are 1.0 vs. 2.4, so they charge really slowly. Think of the plugs that come with an iPhone vs. what comes with an iPad. Your car is more like the iPhone charger. During our drive across country, the phone holder was very important for me. I could easily see the GPS directions and it was easier to listen to podcasts with the speakers up higher.

  6. I normally use an approved car charger in the second cigarette lighter outlet but my phone sometimes overheats doing so. It seems from your description that this device might solve that problem. Thanks for offering this giveaway to your readers.

    • You’re welcome, Jim. Overheating is a big problem and can lead to a shorter life of your phone and its battery. My phone has enough problems with battery life without making the matters worse by overheating.

  7. Seeing as I only have cigarette lighter in my jeep to charge accessories, my favorite method to charging my phone and other devices is nonexistent. However, my favorite road trip accessory is my phone dock because it allows me to sightsee while driving in a safe manner. Craig

    • When you only have one plug in your car, like you and my wife both do, devices like this make charging so much easier. I agree, having your phone docked so you can easily use the GPS is key to being able to drive safe.


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