Best Hotel Pools in U.S., Weird Airplane Noises Explained, Strong Turbulence Injures 30

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Hotel Loyalty Programs: Betting on the Law of Large Numbers.

Increasingly, hotel loyalty program members are everyday people like you and me rather than frequent travelers. The percentage of members who stay 30+ nights a year is decreasing significantly, which is causing brands to change how they market earning and redeeming points. More people are earning points through credit cards and affiliate programs vs. hotel stays and spending on property.

Why Airplanes Make These 7 Common Sounds During a Flight.

When flying, you’re likely to hear a variety of sounds that aren’t familiar. These sounds can happen before takeoff, once you’re in the air and when you land. While these sounds can seem concerning, they’re just part of the process of flying. Learn more about these common sounds so you’ll be a little more comfortable on your next flight.

Delta Airlines 777 Main Cabin airplane seats with video
Photo courtesy of Delta Airlines.

“We Thought We’re Going to Die.” Strong Turbulence Injures 30 Passengers.

Travelers are getting more and more reminders to stay buckled during flights. On a recent flight from Spain to Uruguay, 30 passengers were injured when strong turbulence affected the plane. Thankfully, the plane was able to land without further incident, and none of the passengers were severely injured.

Survey Finds Americans Want to Take More Local and Shorter Escapes During Summer.

Are changing attitudes about travel due to economic concerns, or are Americans just tired of traveling long distances? It seems that Americans are more interested in taking more frequent but smaller vacations this summer. Survey results show that 85% of Americans feel recharged after taking just a single day off of work. While this day off may relieve some of the stress of work, studies show that you need to take a longer break in order to fully recover and recharge your battery.

14 of the best hotel pools in the US.

Whether you’re taking a day off of work or booking a longer vacation, relaxing by the pool is a great way to vacation. At these hotels, not only will you find amazing accommodations, but the pools are incredible. Luckily, many of these hotels on this list participate in hotel loyalty programs, so you can redeem your points to book a free stay.

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