$100 Gift Card Giveaway Winners Announced!

Scarlett and Lee on AA flight from The Bahamas 2021-10
Even if they drop the mandate, I'll probably continue wearing masks while we fly. What about you?
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As part of the celebration of my site’s 9th anniversary, I ran a contest to give away a $100 gift card to the winner’s favorite store. I counted down the 10 most popular blog posts since my site was launched. And gave everyone a chance to submit their entry.

Life got in the way

With the holidays, year-end deadlines, and travel, I got distracted and forgot to announce the winners last month. Sorry about that.

As penance for the delay, I’m picking TWO WINNERS now instead of just one. I’ll try to announce the winners much quicker next time around.

Winners of the $100 Gift Card Giveaway

I assigned each person that commented was assigned a number and then I used Random.org to pick the winners.

The winners are:

  • Sarah Li-Cain
  • Merrill Barger

I’ll be reaching out to both of you to discuss which gift card you’d like, then I’ll send them to you this week after I go to the store.

The Bald Thoughts

I love being able to interact with my readers, and it’s nice to share the wealth a little bit to celebrate certain milestones. Your interactions with my site, podcast, and social media channels are appreciated, and I hope that you continue to learn valuable information from my content. I’m looking forward to an awesome 2022, and I wish you all the best this year.



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