Another reason I love airline miles and points

Eddie and me
Eddie and me
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One of my greatest friends is a survivor of flesh-eating bacteria.  Like many of my closest friends, I consider him family.  My family lives in SoCal, where we met, and his family has been living in Las Vegas for several years.


The WIN Foundation

Eddie started a foundation called The Win Foundation, which provides scholarships to high school students have overcome adversity and demonstrated the WIN attitude of What’s Important Now.  Please consider making a donation.

Here are some links to articles and videos of Eddie overcoming his own adversities of being a quadruple amputee:


Renewal of Vows

This weekend, he and his beautiful wife celebrated their 13 year wedding anniversary with a party and a renewal of their wedding vows.

Eddie and Antoinette getting ready to leave for the party
Eddie and Antoinette getting ready to leave for the party


Why I Love Airline Miles

In all honestly, being frugal like I am, spending over $200 on airplane tickets for a 7-hour day trip to Las Vegas for me and my son would have been something that would have made me think about whether or not to go, or if I should go alone to save money.  My wife, Anna, couldn’t make the trip because she is working on her final paper for her MBA.

However, because I have a nice stash of airline miles, I didn’t even give it a second thought… OF COURSE, Timmy and I will be there!!!

I booked flights for Timmy and me using 7,554 points and $5 in taxes for each of us, round-trip (or 15,108 and $10 total for both of us; which is the equivalent of $216 airfare) and booked a car rental through Expedia for $21 – Treat yourself to a last-minute getaway! Choose from great hotel deals in your favorite cities only at!  (affiliate link).

Timmy and Daddy Hawaiian shirts 2014-08-16
Timmy and me on the way to see Eddie and Antoinette

Once we got to Vegas, we had a little time before the party started, so we stopped to get Timmy a magic potion “to keep the bananas away” (don’t ask me, 3 year olds have strange logic!).

Timmy with magic potion 2014-08-16
Timmy with the 7-11 magic potion


 The Anniversary Party

Timmy and I got to their hotel early because we couldn’t stay out too late.  It was great seeing Eddie, Antoinette, and their family and spending a little quality time before they would get pulled in multiple directions during the party.

Eddie and me
Eddie & me – he used to be shorter

After hanging out for a little bit, we drove over to the party.  Everyone had a great time… dancing, talking, eating delicious food, and having a few drinks.  Except Timmy… he was handling business on the iPad like a tycoon.

Timmy on the iPad
Timmy on the iPad

Timmy soon became cranky since he hadn’t had a nap and wasn’t used to the Las Vegas summer heat.  So, I drove him around the Las Vegas Strip until he passed out before our flight home.

Timmy sleeping
Timmy sleeping

We finally made it back to SoCal later in the evening, but because we brought a car seat, we had to wait for our bag.

Timmy waiting for our bags
Timmy waiting for our bag


The Bald Thoughts

Having airline miles and points means not having to worry about what it costs when life’s important moments present themselves.  Never miss out on something special because “you can’t afford it”.  Please consider building your point balances so that you can take your family on great adventures and spend time with those you love.  You never know when it becomes too late.



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  1. I love this post Lee!! I don’t know if I told you I am an educational consultant who specializes in scholarships (a “scholarship coach”). I’ll happily pass this information along! I worked with a wonderful young lady a few years ago who contracted a flesh-eating-bacteria while having brain surgery. They were able to contain it to her ear. What a great way to take a horrible situation and use it for good! Kudos to your friend! 🎉🎉🎉

    • Thanks, Kathy. Eddie is one of the most positive, inspiring people that I know. Thanks for letting me know about the problems with the links. I’m working to get them fixed. I’m glad they were able to contain your young lady friend’s infection. I hope she is doing well.


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