Alaska Launches Toronto Flights, Famous Staircases You Can Climb, Why We Crave Strange Food at Airports

Alaska Airlines Captain Marvel livery
Alaska Airlines plane with Captain Marvel livery. Photo courtesy of Alaska Airlines.
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Climb to the Top of These 5 Famous Staircases Around the World.

Since it’s January and everyone is thinking about fitness, how about climbing some stairs? Mix in your love of travel with a little bit of history and a lot of exercise with these historic stairs around the world. I’ve done the Rocky Steps in Philly and visited the Spanish Steps in Rome. One of my favorites is climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris with my son on my shoulders (he was 2 years old). What famous steps are missing from this list?

Alaska Airlines To Open Toronto Route Following Porter Partnership.

Not all news coming out of Alaska Airlines is bad. The airline is launching a new route from Seattle to Toronto starting in May 2024. The last time Alaska flew to Toronto was when it canceled its service from Los Angeles in July 1992. These daily flights to Toronto are possible with Alaska’s partnership with Porter Airlines, and it will be the sixth city serviced by Alaska.

Alaska Airlines plane
Photo courtesy of

FAA recommends airlines inspect door plugs on another Boeing model.

Given Boeing’s history with the 737 Max planes, I think the FAA is making the right move here requesting that airlines inspect door plugs on other models. While these additional inspections will take time and effort, it is better to be safe than sorry. That Alaska flight could have fared much worse if it wasn’t near an airport or had been flying across the Pacific to Hawaii when the plug blew off.

Why We Crave Strange Foods at the Airport, According to a Dietician.

I blame a lack of sleep and trying to de-stress when you’re away from your day job. But there are scientific reasons why you crave strange foods when you’re traveling. Hopefully, this carries over to going beyond your comfort zone to try new foods when traveling to someplace foreign or exotic.

Passengers wake up in the ‘wrong’ country as Storm Isha plays havoc with flight plans.

Bad weather can wreak havoc on your travel plans. And if you’re someone who likes to sleep on planes, it’s entirely possible that you’ll wake up at an unexpected destination. For these passengers, they were attempting to land in Dublin, but strong winds forced a diversion, and they ended up in France. Thank you, Ryanair, for yet another insane passenger experience story.

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