American Airlines Pilot Shortage, Best All-Inclusive Resorts in U.S., Don’t Put This on Luggage Tags

American Airlines 737 Livery
Image courtesy of American Airlines.
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Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our research to share the best travel tips, tricks, and news with you. Here are the articles for Friday, June 2, 2023, that we think you should read.

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16 Best All-inclusive Resorts in the USA.

When you think about all-inclusive resorts, you tend to focus on international destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico and others. For those without a passport or extra miles to burn, you can book an all-inclusive resort here in the U.S. And, if you want to use hotel points for your stay, Hyatt is the right choice, with two properties on this list. Check out this review of the Hyatt Miraval Tuscon from contributor Ben from Ben’s Big Deal.

What You Should — and Should Not — Put on Your Luggage Tag in 2023.

In the past, travelers would put their name, address and phone number on their luggage tags. Today, with identity theft rampant and thieves on the prowl, that may not be the best idea. Personally, I use my business address to keep my home address safe. Most people should put their name, phone number, and email address. And, if you want to, consider adding one of your social media handles.

Bald Thoughts Luggage Tag 2017-07
My custom luggage tag.

Want to know the real reason airlines need to weigh you?

Air New Zealand has been in the news about testing passengers recently. While I’m not worried about hitting the scale (even with my Dad Bod), some passengers are. From what I understand, nobody at the counter sees your weight. Instead, the numbers are entered into a database to ensure that the plane’s overall weight is evenly distributed. Makes sense for safety, but I can see why some travelers are concerned about private info. If it’s in a database, that info can be used in the future or hacked by people with bad intentions. Would this stop you from flying Air New Zealand?

American Airlines CEO says it can’t deploy 150 regional jets because of pilot shortage.

American Airlines isn’t flying some of its routes due to a lack of pilots. While this won’t affect large portions of travelers, it does cause problems for those of us trying to fly to certain destinations. At the beginning of COVID, airlines encouraged pilots and other employees to retire early. Now that travel demand is back, they can’t train them fast enough. Another example how short-sighted decisions in the face of uncertainty (even those that seem right in the moment) can impact the long-term success of your business.

IHG enables hotel guests to log into WiFi automatically.

It’s frustrating when you arrive at your hotel and can’t log into its WiFi. IHG is working to alleviate that issue by enabling guests to log in automatically using the brand’s mobile app. This is a great feature for cell phones and tablets. However, it doesn’t address the issue for laptops, which is how I do most of my work. To enable this feature, you need to do a one-time setup and authorization within the IHG app.

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