3 ways to protect your phone while traveling

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Our mobile phones are so important to us, they might as well be part of our body.  That might be taking things too far, but I’m pretty sure most of us would freak out if we were on a trip and our phone broke or stopped working.  Today’s phones are so much more than just a phone… they take pictures, provide GPS and maps, or are even used as a boarding pass for our flights.  These are just a few reasons why you should take some basic steps to protect your phone.


Protective Case

One of the most basic ways to protect your phone is by investing in a protective case for it.  Two of my favorite options are OtterBox and Mophie battery cases. OtterBox cases are some of the best-known cases in the cell phone industry.  Whether you have an iPhone or Android, or whatever carrier you use, OtterBox has a phone case designed to fit perfectly for your phone.  They even make cases to protect your tablet as well.  Currently, Otterbox has a promo to save 10% site-wide and get FREE shipping With code “OTTER10” at OtterBox.com!.  If you want 2-day shipping within the US, it is only $5!

OtterBox.com: 728x90 Free Shipping
I personally use the Mophie case to protect my T-Mobile iPhone 6 Plus.  I like the feel of the case and love that the extra juice from the battery is available while traveling so that I don’t miss any epic photos or unique notes from my adventures.  There are many different “sizes” of batteries for Mophie cases, but I went with the largest 2600mAh for my iPhone, which provides the most charge for today’s power-sucking devices.

Mophie comes in several colors: Rose Gold, White, and Black


Screen Protection

Another very important way to protect your phone is to have screen protection from a company like Tech Armor.  Phone cases can help protect your phone when you drop or bump it, but it is also vital to protect your screen from scratches or if a phone is dropped.

Luckily, these screens don’t interfere with normal function of your touchscreen device.  So, you get the best of both worlds… the benefits of touch screen apps and protection from accidents. And when you use our referral link and use the promo code “TANATION10” you’ll receive 10% off your order!

TechArmor iPhone 6/6S Plus Screen Protection

Phone Insurance

Many people accept the insurance offered by their cell phone carrier, but most of those policies run $7-$12 a month (links to T-Mobile, AT&T, & Verizon insurance) .  With SquareTrade, policies run $5-$7 a month before any discounts.  Right now, you can get an extra $20 off when you use our referral link and the promo code “PHONE20”.  And you will receive an additional $10 off per phone when you buy a family plan.

Square Trade - Stop overpaying for iPad insurance.

The Bald Thoughts

It can be a dangerous world out there for electronic devices.  I’ve dropped my phone more times than I want to admit, and I know that I’ve been saved the hassle and expense of replacing the glass thanks to the protective phone cases and screen protectors that I use.  The danger is even greater when you’re exploring a new city, unfamiliar with the surroundings and not paying much attention to being careful your phone.

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