15 Epic Mother’s Day Gifts To Make YOU Her Favorite

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As much as Moms tell us that they love us all equally, they do play favorites.  With these 15 epic Mother’s Day gifts, you will cement your status as her favorite!  Hurry up and order them today so that they’ll arrive in time to show off in front of your siblings this Sunday for Mother’s Day.


Traditional Mother’s Day Gifts

Yes, there is always the traditional Mother’s Day gifts of flowers and chocolate.  Flowers are nice, but is that really going to separate you from the plain-Jane gifts your brothers and sisters will get her?  I think not.

That being said, it would hurt to buy Mom some flowers anyway to have all your bases covered!  You can even earn airline miles if you use links from AlaskaAmerican, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and United.  For the best deals on flowers, use our referral links to save up to 40% off Mother’s Day flowers.


Epic Mother’s Day Gifts

Why be traditional, when you can be epic?  These gifts below will have Mom smiling bigger than the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.


The NEW Amazon Echo Show

One of the hottest gifts this season is the all-new Echo Show.  I’m buying one of these for each of our Moms and one for our house so that our kids can easily communicate with the Grandmas whenever they want.  In addition to the new features, the Amazon Echo Show does all of the cool features you’re used to with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

The Amazon Echo Show doesn’t release until June 28, 2017, but if you pre-order two or more using the promo code “SHOW2PACK” then you’ll receive $100 off your order!

Amazon Echo Show Mother's Day gifts
You know you should call your Mom more often. Photo courtesy of Amazon.


Global Entry Membership

One of the best things about Global Entry (or TSA PreCheck and CLEAR) is they give you something nobody can buy… time!  Every time I use Global Entry to bypass customs on the way home from an international vacation or use TSA PreCheck to speed through security lines on domestic trips, I save so much time and frustration.  For $100, you can buy your Mom the gift of time.

Click here for a comparison between Global Entry, TSA PreCheck and CLEAR.  Global Entry is so easy, even my 6-year old son and 2-year old daughter have it!  And if you’re on a budget, there are several credit cards that offer Global Entry for free.


Lounge Access

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is arriving a little early at the airport to start my trip off with a complimentary beverage in a comfy chair inside an airport lounge.  When you add your Mom as an Authorized User on certain credit cards, like the American Express Platinum, she will receive complimentary access to lounges all around the globe.

Mother's Day gifts
Comfortable seat at Singapore Changi’s Dnata Lounge.


A Family Vacation

Mom’s love spending time with their kids.  Combine that with taking her to Mom’s favorite destination or to a place she’s been dreaming of… Man, that is the secret sauce to being her favorite!  As a Mother’s Day gift several years ago, I took Anna, Timmy, and Anna’s Mom to Paris for 12 days.  After that, I was totally her favorite son-in-law.  Ok, she only has one… but she always tells me that I’m her favorite.  HAHAHA

Mother's Day gifts
Climbing the Eiffel Tower with Timmy on my shoulders


A Trip for YOU to Visit HER

Not everyone’s Mom can travel.  Work gets in the way or their health isn’t as good as it used to be.  In these situations, the best Mother’s Day gift you can give Mom is to book a trip to go visit her.  Especially if you have young kids like I do, Grandma’s love nothing more than to hold their grandbabies.


An Expensive Round of Golf

Golf is not just a man’s sport.  There are plenty of Mom’s that would love to play a round of golf.  And “golf Mom” would just adore you if you booked a round for the two of you!  (Do you sense the theme here?  Mother’s Day gifts are always better when they include time spent together.)

Mother's Day gifts

Normally I’m a Groupon golfer myself, but after I got the Citi Prestige card, I’ve been able to golf at courses that charge around $200 a round.  So, spoil your Mom with a round of golf that she’ll never forget.


A New Suitcase

Most Moms don’t splurge on new things for themselves.  They’re either sacrificing to give their kids the best or spoiling grandkids with toys and gifts they don’t need.  So, now it’s time to help Mom step up her travel game with a new suitcase.

Samsonite Mother's Day gifts

There’s a very attractive offer from Samsonite right now where you can stack and save. You’ll get 25% off your entire order, plus save an additional $25 on select items when you use codes: SAVE25 and EXTRA25


Gift Cards to Her Favorite Restaurant or Store

It’s always a nice surprise to be able to splurge on a nice meal or to buy something that a frugal Mom has been holding off on.  Buy your Mom a gift card to her favorite restaurant or store for Mother’s Day.  Even better, buy the gift card yourself and then take your Mom out to eat or go shopping to ensure she gets special treatment.

Pro Tip:  You don’t have to buy the gift card directly from that store.  If you buy at certain stores (like Staples, grocery stores, or gas stations) with the right credit card, you can get more points and miles than if you bought at the restaurant or store.

If you buy online at Amazon, you can even get eGift Cards that will arrive immediately if you won’t be with Mom on Mother’s Day.


Multi-Purpose Travel Router

If your Mom loves to travel, she knows the difficulty of connecting multiple devices to wifi.  With the HooToo travel wireless router, she’ll have much greater access to wifi from a single connection.  This is a great way to reduce costs since some hotels charge for multiple devices connecting to the internet.


Travel Insurance

Show Mom that she’s not the only one that can be overprotective.  Most of us will never require travel insurance, but having the piece of mind that you’re covered in case something happens on vacation is priceless.  Insurance is generally pretty reasonably priced for year’s worth of coverage… and she’ll be covered in case of trip cancellation or delay, lost or delayed bags, medical emergencies, and so much more.


Portable Streaming Device

Some Moms just can’t live without their favorite shows while traveling… and we all know that some hotels have pretty sucky TV choices.  With a portable streaming device, Mom can insert the “stick” directly into their hotel’s TV or her laptop to stream shows to her heart’s content.  The two most popular are the Roku Streaming Stick and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  Both are less than $50… and the Amazon Fire has the added benefit of being a voice remote to your Amazon Echo devices.

Amazon Fire Mother's Day gifts
Photo courtesy of Amazon


Protect Your Mom’s Phone

In today’s world, cell phones can be Mom’s only access to a phone line to call in case of an emergency (or just to say hello).  The latest phones are sooo expensive that you need to protect them from drops or other accidents.  There are plenty of attractive and protective options from sites like Otterbox (free shipping when you use our link).  Or you can customize phone cases at sites like Shutterfly (use our link to get 25% off your order).
OtterBox.com: 728x90 Free Shipping


Tickets to Mom’s Favorite Concert

Here’s a little secret… Mom’s like music too.  Ok, it may not be the same music you like, but that’s ok.  Buy Mom tickets to a concert so that Mom and Dad can have a great night out… or get tickets for a little Mom-Child bonding time.  Use our referral link to find some really great deals on concerts, musicals, and sporting events.
Find cheap concert tickets

Also consider using your American Express or Citi cards for exclusive pre-sale access to some of the summer’s hottest concerts.  Recently, I was able to score some great orchestra section seats for Hamilton in Los Angeles before they went on sale to the general public thanks to my American Express card.


Personalized Gifts

I use Shutterfly a lot to create personalized gifts for my wife, Mom, and other relatives.  Sometimes I use pictures from special moments around town, and other times I create photo albums of our vacations.  Either way, everyone just loves these personalized gifts.  One of the coolest gifts I’ve created is personalized luggage tags for the family.  It’s a way to always have a piece of the family with us wherever we go.  If you use our Shutterfly link, you can get 25% off your order.

Shutterfly Anna's luggage tag


Fly in a Helicopter

I saved one of the coolest gifts for last.  There are few experiences as unique as flying in a helicopter… and you can be the one to make it happen for Mom this year.  This will truly be one of the hardest Mother’s Day gifts to beat.

FlyBlade Mother's Day gifts
Photo courtesy of Blade.


Check out this Mother’s Day gifts offer from Blade… not only will Mom get to ride in a helicopter, she’ll be spoiled with plenty of exclusive goodies!  If you use the referral code “LeeH465” when setting up your account with Blade, you’ll receive $100 in Blade credit.


The Bald Thoughts

These 15 epic Mother’s Day gifts ae pretty cool… and the competition edge of this post is all in good fun.  But what Mom really wants for a Mother’s Day gift is to spend more time with you, your siblings, and her grandbabies.  Not everyone has money to splurge on something cool.  Don’t worry about it.  Honestly, creating a Mother’s Day card and spending the day with her doing whatever she wants to do is the best gift of all.

Mother's Day gifts travel

I hope you and your family have a great Mother’s Day and create special memories that will last a lifetime.

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