Why TSA PreCheck Is Rejected, European Bucket List Trips, Alaska Status Match For Delta

Alaska Airlines Captain Marvel livery
Alaska Airlines plane with Captain Marvel livery. Photo courtesy of Alaska Airlines.
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The Morning Shave

9 bucket list trips in Europe that everyone should do in their lifetime.

If you’re looking for inspiration, this guide shares some incredible trips that I’m totally jealous of. I’d love to visit Croatia’s beaches, travel to castles in Ireland and swim in the rock pools of Turkey. What’s on your bucket list? For more European inspiration, check out our 40+ podcast episodes about Europe.

How and Why Your TSA PreCheck Application Could Be Rejected.

While we assume that you’ll get approved after paying your application fee for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck, the TSA actually does a thorough background check on people. Your application can get denied, which can leave some people bewildered. This guide explains how and why you could get rejected. Be sure to use of of the many credit cards that reimburse TSA PreCheck application fees because, even if you’re rejected, there are no refunds.

Global Entry or TSA PreCheck Credit

9 Beautiful Castles in America That You Can Visit.

We normally associate castles with Europe and other areas around the world. However, there are several magnificent castles you can visit throughout the U.S. without an international flight. I’ve been to both the Biltmore Estate and Hearst Castle, and they are truly breathtaking. Highly recommend.

Alaska Airlines targets Delta with lucrative status match offer.

With Delta’s recent changes to its loyalty program and Sky Club access, it seems like Delta thinks it has too many travelers. Smart airlines like Alaska are swooping in to offer status match offers and other goodies to entice travelers to leave Delta for greener pastures. Have these changes made you reconsider your loyalty?

The Billionaire Card Gives You Access to Money Can’t Buy Perks and Events.

This high-end credit card offers exclusive experiences and benefits unmatched by other credit cards. But, if you’re a billionaire, don’t you already have this? For these wealthy individuals, money is literally no object. They’re also busy people who’d rather focus on their businesses and family wealthy, so I can imagine they’d appreciate having events and perks like these handled for them. What do you think? Is this something that wealthy people would enjoy, or is it just a card that the average person THINKS that this is what wealthy people really want?

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