TSA Unwraps Christmas Presents, Trail Hiking Lottery, Skip Airline Elite Status

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Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our research to share the best travel tips, tricks, and news with you. Here are the articles for Wednesday, December 14, 2022, that we think you should read.

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You Literally Need to Win a Lottery to Hike These Once-in-a-Lifetime Trails.

Traveling is all about finding unique experiences that will create lasting memories. These hiking trails are so incredible that their caretakers limit admission to keep them pristine for future generations. I haven’t been to any of these yet, but I need to start submitting my name to the drawings. Have you been to any of these hikes?

The TSA May Unwrap Your Holiday Presents If You Don’t Follow These Rules.

If you’re traveling over the holidays and plan on bringing gifts with you, think twice about wrapping them before you arrive. The TSA could unwrap your gifts and open them if they seem suspicious or the scanner detects prohibited items. Just do what I do, and order them online. Pay for wrapping and avoid the hassle at the airport. Plus, you don’t have to worry about carrying them with you or risk the airline losing them if you check bags.

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Photo courtesy of Jill Wellington on Pixabay

Too many elites: Why you might want to be a free agent and skip elite status next year.

For the average traveler that flies only a couple times a year, airline elite status doesn’t offer enough benefits to justify being loyal to one airline. The only exception (in my opinion) is the Southwest Companion Pass because of how much money you can save on flights. You are much better off focusing on hotel elite status, which you can get simply by having one of the hotel’s credit cards.

5 Simple Tips to Avoid Gift Card Scams.

Great tips to avoid getting scammed when buying gift cards. Also, watch out for anyone requesting that you buy a gift card for payment of an official debt. Your bank, the IRS, and anyone else you owe money to will not ask you to run down to Staples, the gas station, or the grocery store to buy a gift card to settle your debt. Just hang up and block that number.

The 32 Best Places to Spend Christmas Around the World.

This article is older, but it’s been updated with current info. If you’re someone that loves to travel over Christmas, consider one of these destinations to experience something unique. I love European Christmas markets and seeing how other cultures celebrate the holidays. We stay home for Christmas since we have young kids, but I can’t wait until they’re a bit older so we can start traveling more in December.

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