150 Square Feet of Fun! Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon

tiny digs hotel review
Here is our Modern tiny house hotel!
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For my fiance’s birthday, we wanted to go explore the Pacific Northwest. We started in Seattle and made our way down to Portland, Oregon. The team at Tiny Digs Hotel were kind enough to invite us to stay for 2 days at their awesome tiny house hotel property! Read on for my Tiny Digs Hotel review to see if this style of travel is for you.

tiny digs hotel review
Here is our Modern tiny house hotel!

What are Tiny Homes?

There is a large movement among younger people called the “Tiny House Movement.” Millennials like myself are rejecting the traditional lifestyle of buying an oversized home, and are downsizing for mobility. Also, it encourages a lifestyle of minimalism where owning things becomes no longer needed.

For more info on the tiny home movement, click here!

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A standard hotel room

Many of us visit various different types of hotels throughout our travels. However, let’s sit back and ponder a standard hotel room like below.

tiny digs hotel reviewA standard hotel room consists of a bed, desk, and enclosed bathroom – roughly 325 square feet on average.

There isn’t a ton of wiggle room or hangout space in a standard hotel room. Many of us are simply there to sleep, shower, and shave (there’s a fourth “S” that I’ll leave out).

To add to that, the experience in a standard hotel room is pretty bland. That is why my travel buddy and I wanted to try out a tiny house hotel!

Tiny Digs Hotel Review
Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon

This transformed used car dealership into a community of tiny homes is a sight to see. Located only 6 miles from Portland Airport (PDX), 3 miles from the Moda Center where the Portland TrailBlazers play, and only 1.5 miles from the Oregon Convention Center, this is very much centrally located to everything! Also, there are roughly 50 restaurants within a 10-minute walk.

The Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon is unique as it has 8 different styles of homes! Here are just a few of them.

tiny digs hotel review
Welcome to the Cabin Tiny House!
tiny digs hotel review
Here is the Gypsy Wagon Tiny House!
tiny digs hotel review
This is the Beach Tiny House!

The check-in process at Tiny Digs Hotel

The process is actually even simpler than a traditional hotel check-in process!

Before your vacation starts, the office will email you a passcode to get on the property. And then our passcode was set to a 4 digit code selected by the staff. No more pesky hotel room key.

When you are inside your home, you will fill out your incidentals form and drop it in the office box, and you are done.

The Modern Tiny House

Here is the awesome tiny house we got to stay in! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

If you want all the info on this specific house, click here!

tiny digs hotel review
Here is our Modern tiny house hotel!

tiny digs hotel reviewtiny digs hotel reviewtiny digs hotel review tiny digs hotel review

tiny digs hotel review
Here is the closest – roughly 18 inches wide!

tiny digs hotel review tiny digs hotel review tiny digs hotel review

The Bald Thoughts on the Modern House

I absolutely loved the house! The bed was extremely comfy, and I love the unique “second-floor” chairs that are hanging. I’m actually typing this as I sit in my comfy plush robe and sipping a delicious local brew that the owners were kind enough to give us in our welcome amenity!

tiny digs hotel review
No matter how tiny your house is, there’s always room for beer.

tiny digs hotel review

However, the house is positioned right next to the street which leads to extra noise. Also, while modern homes are leaning away from using doors, it would be nice to have a door while you are doing your business in the bathroom.

Also, there is, unfortunately, no on-site parking provided. If you do have a car, you will be rolling the dice with finding parking on the street.

Even with these minor inconveniences, Tiny Digs is a great place to call home during your adventures!

The Bald Thoughts

Travel is about getting out of your comfort zone to experience something new. It can be so easy for many of us to spend our beloved points for a cookie-cutter hotel to ensure the same results over and over again.

As a fellow traveler, I challenge you to try something different.

Would you ever try something like this? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. While I find tiny homes interesting the economics of it doesn’t make sense. A standard or customized travel trailer or even motor home is cheaper and better for the environment that most “tiny house” projects. Good post though.

    • I couldn’t live in something so small. I love my wife and kids, but couldn’t imagine having to share such a small space with them on a regular basis. Staying at a tiny house hotel like Brett did would be a fun experience though.


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