Making Friends with Starfish at Starfish Point Grand Cayman

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Starfish Point Grand Cayman was the 3rd stop on our tour that the Kimpton Seafire concierge booked us on. After Stingray City and snorkeling off of Rum Point, it was time to get up close and personal with some starfish in Grand Cayman.

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Getting to Starfish Point Grand Cayman

Starfish Point is at the tip of Water Cay Public Beach in Grand Cayman.  Although it is easier and most recommended to get to Starfish Point as part of a tour package, you can actually drive (or get a taxi) to the beach from your hotel.

Although it is possible to drive, I wouldn’t do it.  Starfish Point is a fun activity, but I wouldn’t drive an hour back and forth to spend 30-60 minutes exploring the beach and interacting with the starfish.

From the popular hotels on Seven Mile Beach (ours was the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa) or the ship port area of George Town, it is a 51.7Km drive all around the island to get to Water Cay Public Beach and Starfish Point.

Luckily, there is no admission fee to the public beach or Starfish Point.

Be careful with starfish at Starfish Point

Most of us aren’t used to interacting with starfish on a regular basis.  Most of our encounters are at the aquarium or on the internet/TV.

Unlike the starfish skeletons that you find in gift shops and stores, remember that the starfish are live animals and must be treated with respect and caution!  You won’t get hurt handling them, but you can cause serious harm to them if you aren’t careful.

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Meeting the local starfish on Grand Cayman with my son

Rule #1 – Always keep the starfish underwater

Starfish need the water to breathe and eat.  If you take them out of the water, it can put them in serious distress.  Think about it… what if someone held your head underwater.  You wouldn’t be able to breathe either.

Rule #2 – It is illegal to take starfish out of the water

Sense a pattern here?  Keep the starfish in the water and you (and they) will be fine.

The water is clear and beautiful most of the time in Grand Cayman, so you’ll be able to take amazing photos even if the starfish are underwater.

Grand Cayman Starfish Beach Timmy
Always keep the starfish underwater

What to bring with you to Starfish Point?

Obviously, you’re going to want to bring a camera with you.  Preferably one that is waterproof since you’ll be splashing in the water and may want to take some underwater shots.

Always bring sunscreen.  The Caribbean sun is much harsher than the sun we are used to in the United States.  Be kind to the starfish and the environment by using an eco-friendly sunscreen like Alba Botanica Hawaiian Coconut Spray.

There are no shops to by refreshments near Starfish Point, so bring water and snacks for your trip.  If you’re on a guided tour, they will most likely have this available for you.  But be sure to ask what is included before you book your tour.  Check out the latest Starfish Point tours from Viator.

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The Bald Thoughts

I highly recommend making a stop at Starfish Beach Grand Cayman.  The water is shallow and warm and it isn’t too crowded of a destination.  Even with the tour boats stopping by on regular intervals, you’ll have plenty of time to search for starfish and hold them.  Just be sure to keep them underwater because that’s how they breathe!

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Making friends at Starfish Point



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