Link Starbucks & Delta Accounts For 200 Stars Bonus

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Delta Air Lines and Starbucks launched a collaboration in 2022 where SkyMiles members can earn miles on Starbucks purchases. If you haven’t already linked your Starbucks, you may have received an email offering 200 Stars if you link them before March 31st. That’s enough for a free drink at Starbucks. It’s simple to do and takes just a couple of minutes.

Delta Air Lines Starbucks link account email offer
Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines.

How to link Starbucks and Delta accounts for a bonus

Here’s how to link your accounts so you can earn Delta SkyMiles on your Starbucks purchases.

Go to the Delta Starbucks “More Sips, More Trips” welcome page. Enter your name and Delta SkyMiles member number, then click “Link Accounts.”

Delta Air Lines Starbucks welcome page
Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines and Starbucks.

After validating your account, you’ll receive this message.

Delta Air Lines Starbucks link validated
Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines and Starbucks.

Now, sign into your Starbucks account to complete the link between Delta Air Lines and Starbucks to earn miles on your coffee purchases.

Delta Air Lines Starbucks sign into Starbucks account
Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines and Starbucks.

After logging into Starbucks, you must grant them permission to share your profile, transactions, payment information, and Starbucks Reward history with Delta.

Delta Air Lines Starbucks permission to share
Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines and Starbucks.

The link between your Delta SkyMiles and Starbucks Rewards loyalty accounts is complete. Now, you’ll start earning rewards with both programs on every Starbucks purchase.

Delta Air Lines Starbucks link confirmed
Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines and Starbucks.

How do you earn miles on Starbucks purchases?

When airlines and hotels partner with other brands, you may have to choose which types of rewards you want to earn. Fortunately, this promotion earns BOTH airline miles and stars for everyone that links their Delta and Starbucks accounts.

Delta Air Lines Starbucks how it works
Image courtesy of Delta Air Lines and Starbucks.

The original linking bonus is no longer available, but you can still earn valuable rewards on your Starbucks purchases.

  • Earn one Delta SkyMiles mile for every dollar that you spend at Starbucks, excluding taxes and tips.
  • Earn double Starbucks Stars on Starbucks purchases any day that you fly with Delta.

With these extra rewards, you’ll earn free coffee and flights more quickly than ever.

To earn even more Delta SkyMiles, use one of the airline’s co-branded credit cards to pay for your Starbucks orders. Many Delta credit cards earn bonus miles on dining purchases, so you can double-dip to earn more rewards. Check out the latest credit card offers to see which card works best for the way you spend.

The Bald Thoughts

Personally, I don’t drink coffee, but my wife does. So, I stop by Starbucks regularly to get her a coffee and the kids some hot chocolate. With this promotion, now I can earn Starbucks Stars AND Delta miles on my orders. They get a tasty drink, and I’m that much closer to free flights for our next vacation. Best of all, this promotion is free and open to everyone.


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