Spirit Fares Increase 25-40% Under JetBlue, $199 BizClass Flights to Bermuda, Hyatt Sued Over Resort Fees

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Photo courtesy of JetBlue
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The Morning Shave

An all-business-class airline to Bermuda is launching with dark ‘n’ stormy cocktails, pink lighting on board.

Skip the Economy flight for your next Bermuda vacation. This airline is offering Business Class flights at an introductory rate of just $199 + taxes each way! How amazing is that. And, to get you in the mood to start your trip, the flight features tropical-themed drinks, lighting and more. Book now before those fares disappear and revert back to the standard pricing around $1,000.

Leaked Documents Suggest JetBlue Could Drive Spirit Prices 40% Higher.

I don’t doubt that JetBlue could increase Spirit’s prices by 24% to 40%. Especially if they’re reducing the number of seats on Spirit aircraft to conform with JetBlue’s mantra of “the most room in Economy of any domestic airline.” Conversely, Spirit is known to have some of the worst inflight legroom. The revenue has to come from somewhere. Beyond that, Spirit is well-known to hit passengers with ticky-tack fees for everything… so, when you compare base fares, you’re not looking at the whole picture. Even after all of this, the merger could still result in lower prices for ALL travelers. JetBlue is a worthy alternative to AA, United, Delta, etc. whereas Spirit isn’t even considered by many travelers who are shopping around for lower fares.

Spirit A319-1 yellow
Image courtesy of Spirit Airlines

You Can Score the Lowest Airline Fares With This Website. If You Know How to Use It.

Looking to book cheap flights for your next vacation? Skyscanner is the tool you need, but you may not have ever heard of it before. Follow these simple tricks to maximize the power of this tool to find great deals.

Hilton to weave Tapestry further into North America.

Currently, there are around 132 Tapestry Collection properties worldwide. Hilton continues to expand the brand with at least 41 projects underway to add to its Tapestry Collection. Of that amount, 70% (or 29) of the projects are located in North America. And I’m really excited that three of them will be located here in Nashville!

Hyatt sued over use of resort fees.

Any hotel that charges resort fees should have to wear the Scarlett Letter on their uniforms. These hideous fees undercount how much travelers actually pay for their rooms, and there’s typically no way to avoid them (except in limited circumstances). Even worse, they often bundle amenities that you don’t even use. I’m glad to see that Hyatt is being sued for resort fees, and I hope that this changes the way that they operate.

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