Singapore Airlines First Class Suites A380 + The Private Room

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites
A380 Suites
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According to the Skytrax Awards, Singapore Airlines was voted World’s Best Airline and Best in First Class in 2018. I was very excited to fly Singapore Airlines for my first time. My flight was from Singapore (SIN) to Beijing (PEK) flight number SQ 802. You can watch my full trip report below.

The Private Room

I was escorted to the Private Room when I checked into the Singapore Airlines First Class lounge. Since I never flown on Singapore Airlines, I didn’t know The Private Room existed. It was definitely a nice surprise. My waiter poured me a glass of 2009 Dom Perignon and orange juice. For my breakfast, I chose to get the mango french toast. The French toast was soft in the middle and slightly crispy on the outside.

The Private Room
I Organic Orange Juice and 2009 Dom Perignon
The Private Room Breakfast
Mango French Toast

Seat Controls

Singapore Airlines First Class doesn’t have any overhead bins as the suites take all the room in the cabin. You can easily store your carry-on luggage underneath the front seat. There is another side compartment next to your seat to put a purse or a briefcase as well.

Singapore Airlines Bin Space
Bin Space
Singapore Airlines Dessert
Suite Overview
Singapore Newspaper
Some light reading before takeoff
Singapore Airlines Side Control
Power Outlet Controls
Singapore Airlines TV Control
TV Control

Food and Beverage

Singapore Airlines Fruit


Singapore Airlines muesli

Travelers flying First Class on Singapore Airlines can “Book the Cook”, a service you can pre-order your meals in advance. I decided to get the lobster because I’ve never had lobster on a plane. The lobster was very fresh and it melted right into my mouth.



Singapore Airlines lobster
Singapore Airlines Dessert

The Bald Thoughts

Overall, the First Class experience was amazing. I understand now why Singapore is ranked number one in the world. It was the attention to detail that made Singapore Airlines stand apart from other airlines I’ve flown on. For example, the flight attendant walking to me on the bridge to welcome me on the plane. 5 flight attendants came to me during pre-boarding introducing themselves and started a conversation with me.


  1. My wife and I flew Singapore for the first time early this year. We flew SIN-HKG-SFO in regular first class. The whole experience was nice, but honestly a bit underwhelming. Maybe our expectations were a bit too high. The Private Room was nice, but after instant service upon arrival, it was surprisingly tough to find a waiter again. The dining room food was good, but most was available in the first class or business class lounges, so it felt like the only difference was eating in a largely empty room.
    As to the flight itself, again, it was fine. Good but not amazing food, nice service, and a fairly comfortable bed. Very nice champagne, though. Ultimately, both of us individually prefer Cathay Pacific. More enjoyable (for us) lounges, better seat/bed, about the same quality of food, better award availability and pricing, and service that just resonates more with us. That said, we’d certainly not avoid flying Singapore in the future.

  2. Thanks for the review, but as such, I think it’s a little too shallow for a review. Felt like you had to rushed this in to meet deadline.


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