Losing Elite Status, Hyatt Milestone Choices, 11 Warm Places Without a Passport

Passport application times
Passport delays are finally over, so you can get your new passport in about 8 weeks.
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Losing elite status? Here are 5 ways to still get the perks you want.

Having elite status improves your travel experience with valuable perks that save money and time. If you’re about to lose your elite status, use these five strategies to get elite-level perks without the time and expense of earning status.

Why I went with the less valuable Hyatt 40-night Milestone choice this year.

I’ve been struggling with this decision myself recently. With the recent email from Hyatt, I have 90 days to make a decision between a $100 Hyatt gift card, 5000 Hyatt points, or a $150 FIND Experience credit. Which one would you choose?

Hyatt Place Knoxville rooftop bar Five Thirty daytime
The Five Thirty rooftop bar at the Hyatt Place Knoxville

11 Warm Places to Travel Without a Passport.

Winter is coming, and you don’t have a valid passport. If you’re still waiting for your new passport, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in the freezing cold this winter. Check out these warm-weather destinations that you can travel to without a passport.

What items will travel insurance cover under a delayed luggage benefit?

If your luggage is lost or delayed, travel insurance and credit card travel protections may reimburse the replacement of necessary items. However, it can be difficult to know what is “essential” and covered under these rules. You can turn a bad situation into a positive one by knowing the rules to go shopping for essentials that you can use repeatedly.

Don’t Have TSA PreCheck? This Is the Hack You Need to Know.

While I recommend Global Entry, TSA PreCheck can be the better option for some travelers. You don’t have to wait long to schedule an appointment or have to go to specific airports to perform your interview. And it is much faster to get approved for TSA PreCheck, including being able to visit local stores to finish your application.

Thinking of getting a new credit card?

To see the best credit card offers available, go to our credit card marketplace to find your next card.


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