JetSuiteX extends schedule to June 2018

JetSuiteX Concord arrived in style
JSX at the Concord Airport (outside of San Francisco).
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If you haven’t flown JetSuiteX yet, you are totally missing out. These 30-person private jets are like flying JetSmarter for the price of Southwest. They are my favorite way to fly whenever business or pleasure has me flying from SoCal to the Bay Area or Las Vegas. And it was just announced that JetSuiteX extends schedule to June 2018! If you have an upcoming flight, I highly recommend that you try them out… I even have a $20 discount for you down below.

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JetSuiteX extends schedule to June 2018

Because JetSuiteX is a smaller airline, they extend their schedule in bunches, similar to how JetBlue and Southwest Airlines release theirs.

JetSuiteX extends schedule to June 2018

The JetSuiteX schedule runs through June 30, 2018.  Most flights can be found for $129 each way.  For example, here is the schedule from Burbank to Las Vegas towards the end of June.

JetSuiteX extends schedule to June 2018 BUR to LAS

If you use my JetSuiteX referral link, you’ll save $20 off any flight of $129 or more.

Why JetSuiteX

JetSuiteX is an amazing way to fly if the times, dates, and locations work well for you. Instead of being cramped in one of the major airlines’ Economy sections with 200 of your closest “friends,” for about the same price, you can fly out of a private airport terminal, receive complimentary gourmet snacks and craft beers, and sit in comfort on a 30-person private jet.

JetSuiteX Burbank i can get used to this
I can definitely get used to this.

And this is your TSA checkpoint.

JetSuiteX college game day flights. JetSuiteX Burbank check-in kiosk
This is what your TSA line will look like.

The Bald Thoughts

If you’re flying to one of the airports covered by JetSuiteX, I highly recommend their semi-private jet experience. With service now available in Burbank, Las Vegas, Oakland, Concord (Bay Area), and San Jose, with seasonal flights to Mammoth, Coachella, and Sundance, you have plenty of options to choose from. The price is right and the service is exceptional. Now that JetSuiteX extends their schedule to June 2018, where will you fly?


  1. I’ve been wanting to try it out of concord, but every time I check (close to departure) the only pricing left is around the 350+ mark one way. It’s hard to justify when i can hop on SW out of Oak, although I understand I’m giving up the covenience and cache 🙁


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