New Passport? How to update Global Entry

Global Entry card
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Global Entry is one of my favorite travel tools.  It provides TSA PreCheck for my domestic flights to get me to my flights quicker.  And Global Entry allows me to skip the lines at customs when I come back from international vacations.  I recently had to renew my passport, so then I had to figure out how to update Global Entry with my new passport number.

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How to update Global Entry

You don’t need to figure out how to update Global Entry when you get a new passport, we’ll show you how in just a few simple steps.

How to renew a Passport new passport
My new passport arrived in less than 2 weeks.

Go to the GOES Website

Go to the GOES website and enter your login information to continue.  If you’re like me, it has been over 4 years since I was approved for Global Entry membership, so you may need to reset your password and wait for the email with a reset link.

Although you receive a card from Global Entry when you establish your membership, I’ve never had a reason to use it.  I still keep it with me while traveling just in case something happens to my passport or driver’s license.

Global Entry card

Update Documents with new Passport information

In order to update your Global Entry membership with your new passport information, click on “Update Documents” which is in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Pro Tip:  While you’re on this page, take notice of when your Global Entry membership expires.  I entered a reminder in my Google Calendar a couple months ahead of time in case I needed to appear in person for an interview.

How to update Global Entry manage membership

Here you can update your Passport or your Driver’s License information.

How to update Global Entry with new Passport Information

When you update your Global Entry profile with new passport information, notice that you can only update your passport number, the issue date, and the expiration date.

If you need to update your name or date of birth, that is a different process.  In order to change your name or date of birth, you need to bring documents with you to an enrollment center.

How to update Global Entry update passport

When you’ve finished entering your passport number, issuance date, and expiration date, you’ll receive a confirmation message like this.  Your new information will show below this message, but I cut it off for privacy’s sake.

How to update Global Entry update passport confirmation


The Bald Thoughts

Don’t worry when you have think about how to update global entry when you get a new passport.  It is a super simple process and takes less than 5 minutes.  Just follow the steps above and you’ll have your new passport information entered into the system in no time.

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  1. Thanks – this was incredibly helpful, because it reminded me to update my info to my most recent passport (and I also updated my DL while I was there).

    You mentioned that you don’t use your GE card – I carry it with me and I use it as my photo ID when I’m going through security. My reasoning is that 1) it’s a gov’t issued photo id, 2) it shows beyond doubt that I’m in the right (PreCheck) line, and 3) whether or not I can drive is irrelevant to whether I can fly on an airplane.

    Thanks again for the post!

    • Thanks Jason, glad I could help. I carry my GE card in my travel wallet, but have never used it. I just figure it’s a backup ID in case something happens. Glad you’re getting some use out of it!

  2. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for the article. My wife has global entry that is tied to her Mexican passport (she is a US permanent resident). She has applied for citizenship and will be getting a US passport once she becomes a citizen. Do you know what she would need to do to change her global entry to her new US passport?

  3. I could not update my new passport online a few years ago. I went to SFO as a walk in and they were able to update it for me.
    Since then, I got NEXUS, which is better, as immigration halls in Canada can often be daunting.

  4. I just had my global entry interview today and when the customs agent saw that my passport expires next year, he said I will have to come back (no appointment needed, just drop in) to update it. Everything I’ve read online says the opposite though. Was he wrong?

    • You can drop into the Global Entry office to update or you can do it all online. I updated my passport information online in just a few minutes as I discussed within the post. The closest office near me is LAX and I didn’t want to drive an hour for something I could easily do online.

  5. My husband need to update the passport information and renew the global Entry card. Can we do both the same time online?

    • Hi Sarah, you can do both concurrently, but I would be careful. You can renew Global Entry at any time within the last year leading up to its expiration. So, depending upon which one expires first, that should guide your decision.

      It would probably be easiest to renew Global Entry first because you may be one of the lucky ones that doesn’t need to do an in-person interview to renew. I’ve had some friends renew their Global Entry within a couple of weeks, while mine took more than a month to get the new membership card.

      To renew your passport, you’ll need to send the old passport in with your paperwork. Once you have your new passport, you can go online and update your Global Entry records. Keep in mind that you’ll need your passport when you travel internationally, so plan according to any upcoming trips you may have.


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