Hilton Grand Vacations Club $149 for 4 days in Orlando

Embassy Suites Orlando pool deck
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Hilton Grand Vacations Club is offering a 4 day, 3-night vacation to Orlando, good for up to 4 people, for only $149 + tax.  There are 5 resorts and 8 hotels in the Orlando area that you can choose from, with no blackout dates.  This sounds like an attractive vacation package for anyone wanting to visit Disney World, Universal Studios, or Sea World.

Have you used this promotion previously?

An offer like this has been around for quite awhile — previously, you could choose either Orlando or Vegas for $199.  We’ve actually taken advantage of a promotion like this twice before from Hilton Grand Vacations Club.  Both times we stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Las Vegas Strip.  The first time, we used the $200 Stay a Night On Us at the Hilton Del Mar near San Diego and a year ago, we stayed at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Bay in June 2015.  The Mandalay Bay is my favorite Embassy Suites location… and we just booked a room to return there this summer for 50,000 Hilton points.

Embassy Suites Mandalay Bay

On the phone today, the lady from Hilton Grand Vacations Club told me that you can call in and redeem this offer every 6 months.  So, set your calendars and call every 6 months for a great little vacation package for less than $150.

What is the offer from Hilton Grand Vacations Club?

I called Hilton Grand Vacations Club to find out the offer details and this is what they said.  First off, you get 500 Hilton points, just for listening to the offer.  The email offer that I received showed a 4 days / 3 nights Hilton Orlando vacation for $199.  However, there’s a $50 discount for booking within 45 days, so you are only charged $149!!!

On top of the great vacation at one of 13 Hilton Orlando properties, you also receive either 15,000 Hilton HHonors points or a $200 “Stay a Night On Us” certificate after attending the 2-hour timeshare presentation.  The certificate must be used within 6 months of when it is issued and reimburses up to $200, after staying at any Hilton property and mailing in your certificate and original receipt within 30 days of your stay.

In total, I paid $167.63 after taxes for two vacations — 4 days and 3 nights in Orlando and a $200 Stay a Night On Us certificate good for any domestic Hilton branded property.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club Orlando promotion

Are there any other fees that Hilton will charge?

If you don’t show up for your timeshare presentation, they will obviously charge you retail price, plus some penalties, I’m sure.  That much is a given and is standard practice in the timeshare sales world.

There are no blackout dates on this Hilton Grand Vacations Club offer, but if you travel during major holidays (ie: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), there’s an upgrade fee of $129 + tax.

If you cannot travel during the 6-month window, a 3-month extension is available for $50 + tax.  I was able to negotiate, at no-charge, the window to travel from 6 months to a little over 1 year.  So, we have until April 30, 2017, to use our certificate.

Once you pick your dates, if you need to change them, there’s a fee of $19.95 + tax, provided that you’re given more than 14 days’ notice.  If less than 15 days notice is provided, then they charge $120 + tax.

What else should I know about this HGVC offer?

The retail value of this vacation package is estimated to be $1100, per the phone agent.  Considering that most rooms are at least $200 + tax per night in Orlando, the estimate isn’t too far off for 3 nights in Orlando AND 1 future night up to $200 reimbursed.

YOU MUST ATTEND A 2-HOUR TIMESHARE PRESENTATION.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  The rooms are heavily discounted because they want to make a sale.  The landing page of this offer indicates that the timeshare deeded weeks range from $8,940 – $377,300, so there’s a TON of money at stake.  If you have trouble saying no to salespeople, this deal may not be right for you!!!

You earn bonus Hilton points when purchasing this package with your Citibank Hilton Visa.  If you don’t have a Hilton-branded card, please use my link at the top of the page to apply!

Here is the page with all of the fine print details of this Hilton Grand Vacations Club promotion.

How do you sign up for this promotion?

This promotion is meant for Hilton HHonors members, so sign up for a free Hilton HHonors membership here first.

Once you’ve signed up for your HHonors account, call 844-658-5770 to ask about this promotion (or what other offers they may have).

Which Hilton would you choose to stay in Orlando?

I like free stuff and spacious rooms, so I would most likely choose the Embassy Suites By Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort.  They have a manager’s reception (aka happy hour) every evening from 5p to 7p with free drinks and snacks for a couple of hours, and every morning there is free cooked-to-order breakfast, including an omelet station!  I also like that there’s a fun water activity area for the kids.

Embassy Suites Orlando pool deck

They say that this offer is only available through May 2016 and that limited units are available for purchase, but we’ve been using this offer, or something very similar since 2013 so I don’t think this offer will be going away anytime soon.  It is a really good deal… as long as you can be strong and say no during the presentation.


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  1. Hey Lee

    Thanks for this article. It has interesting tips. And good to know you can have a family trip to Orlando on a regular basis. We are all kids at heart!

  2. Hi, Lee. My bf and I are planning this trip more to relax…and possibly think about where or how we want to retire. We live in Canada..and you can imagine why we love to escape. This would be my 9th trip to Orlando..so I have done the parks alot. So we are planning some beach time…maybe Sea World..and to visit my relatives, who live in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. We are already booked with Hilton for 3 of our 7 days in Orlando…so to add an additional 3 nights for cheap would be a bonus! If you have any other tips for us..please feel free to indulge. Thanks again!!!

    • This promotion is generally ongoing, so you should be able to call and book with no problem. I booked our reservation for Spring 2017, so you should be good. Please reply back and let us know if you were able to book!

      • Call me recently and tell me that the packages are sold out, I found it strange because first I ask myself all the data and then he told me that

        • That does sound strange. Maybe that was their way of telling you that you didn’t qualify for the package? Overall, they are trying to sell you a timeshare with these packages, so if it doesn’t seem like you are someone they feel they can sell to, they won’t offer you the package. As with anything where you don’t get the answer you want, try the “hang up and call again” method… which means, think about your answers and consider which may have led them to not offer you the deal, then call them again and you’ll speak to a new phone rep who may offer you the package. Good luck!

  3. Is there any way to get a 4 night / 5 day version of this promo? 3 nights is not enough for our family to make a trek down to Orlando, given all the other necessary expenses.

    • Most of the time, when you call to book the deal, they’ll offer extra nights for an additional amount. I don’t recall what they charge. When you make your reservation, please report back what you find out! Thanks.

  4. I got a phone call last week about vegas or Orlando. They were offering 4 days/3 nights Orlando for $149.
    Told ’em I needed to mull it over for the night. They weren’t very thrilled with hearing that. We got a trip going to Orlando in march. thinking of making a phone call back to stay there the last 3 nights of our trip.

    My concerns about the promo:
    1.) credit card over the phone, then I can’t get the days that will work for me.
    2.) extra charges at check-in / check-out for towels, housekeeping, plumbing, whatever…
    3.) pushy salespeople during the timeshare thing. I have ZERO intention of purchasing one. HGV reviews are horrible online. very skeptical about the whole deal.

    Are there any legit concerns I should have with this promo?

    • Thanks for writing with your questions. Yeah, getting dates once you’ve paid is a concern, but I’ve been able to book the dates I’ve wanted each time I’ve done this promo. Orlando and Vegas have a ton of capacity, so I think you’ll be ok for most dates. We haven’t experienced any meaningful charges beyond the initial payment. I’ve only done the promo in Vegas, so I can’t speak to Orlando yet. But we’ll be in Orlando next month to experience that side of things. All of the HGVC presentations we’ve done haven’t been pushy. In fact, once the salesperson realized we weren’t going to buy, they lost interest and let us go. By contrast, the presentations we’ve done with other brands in Mexico have been the most aggressive.

  5. Just booked this promo over the phone for Orlando and found this article when looking for additional information after feeling some buyers remorse. How did your visit in Orlando go? Did you post any information on that?

    • Hi Churley, glad you found us. The visit went great. The rooms were spacious and clean. And the timeshare presentation was about as low-pressure as could be. I’m behind on posting about the Orlando trip but will be posting about it this month. Please join our email list so that you don’t miss the posts!

  6. Going to a HGVC “tour” in a week at Myrtle Beach. Any input / advice as to what we’ll be asked to provide during the tour? The sales person said we’ll input some info on travel history and interest. Just want to be prepared to make this the least hassle as we won’t buy anything other than maybe another discounted trip somewhere like Orlando or Vegas. I can say no, my wife is a bit ‘easy’ so I want to prep her on what to expect. Thanks!

    • The HGVC timeshare tours are some of the easiest I’ve ever been on. They’re not high pressure at all. You will be asked questions like “how often do you travel? How much do you spend on hotels? Where do you want to travel to next?” so that they can try to address your needs.

      They show you the benefits and discuss pricing options in the hopes you’ll understand the value of their program. I think it’s a good program, but we already have a different timeshare program, so it wasn’t for us. Please write back and let us know how it went.

  7. I just returned from a HGVC presentation and stay in Orlando. I must agree that the HGVC presentation was laid back and not pushy at all. We stayed in the Seaworld resort which was super clean and spacious enough for 4. I could not be happier with our getaway and the product that they sale is actually a great product, seems to be nothing like a traditional timeshare which I like, more like a paid Hilton Honors program with tons of good perks! I plan to try again in 6 mos because I am honestly considering buying the product and it helps that they were nice and wasn’t pushy!

    • Vanessa, thanks for sharing your experience. I think it will help a lot of people who are concerned about pressure based on previous timeshare presentations they’ve attended. If you’re considering buying a timeshare, do some homework by looking at what is available on RedWeek.com, TUG2.net, and eBay. You may save a significant amount of money buying on the resale market vs. direct from the timeshare company. Have prices and printouts with you when you go, then compare vs. the prices they show you. And make the salesperson explain to you any differences in your ownership if you buy secondary vs. direct. Good luck!

  8. Thanks for writing up this blog post. I just joined the Hilton Honors program last night and was transferred to an associate about this promotion. It sounded like a good offer, but the sales person told me I had to make the decision on the spot and I told him “no” because I don’t cave in to pushy sales people. After reading up on your post it sounds like a good deal especially since I can tell people “no” when the time comes. I too was considering Orlando with the wife and kids, maybe in 6 months I will call them again and ask for the offer.

  9. Just booked by calling the number on your post!
    $99 for one bedroom suite with $200 travel credit after listening to pitch.
    I still have not booked dates, but I cannot wait!

  10. We have used this promotion twice and it really is phenomenal. In April 2016 we were to stay 3 days at Parc Soleil Orlando after a week at another Florida location. On the way to the resort, my daughter called to inform us she was in labor 6 weeks early. We went to Parc Soleil and told them of our predicament. They let us rebook for late May for $19.95 rather than the much higher rate quoted for changes made in less than 14 days. We returned and had a wonderful time in the lap of luxury! This offer was for only $99. For listening to the 2 hour, low pressure timeshare presentation we received a $200 voucher which we used towards a summer beach stay! A year later we booked a 3 night stay at the beautiful Las Vegas Trump Resort for $150 with 15,000 points rewarded after listening to the timeshare presentation. We just got home last night! Before doing either one of these I was very skeptical. I have attended RCI presentations and they are so high pressure I now refuse to attend regardless of what the reward is! And I have a bad taste in my mouth because my father was horn swoggled into buying, not one, but two RCI time shares when he was over 80 years old! We may be interested in buying in the near future and, if we do, it will
    be with Hilton because there is no pressure.

    • Hi Karen, thank you for sharing your experience with us. That is so cool that HGVC lowered the change fee so much due to the pregnancy. Given the circumstances, my opinion is that they should have waived it. But at least they did something for you when they didn’t have to.

      Either way, you had not 1 but 2, great vacations from this promotion, so I’m super happy for you and your family. Have a great day!

  11. Great article, thanks for the info! Will most likely be using the promotion in Orlando. Worried there is an age restriction for the presentation, just out of college so I’m not quite 25 yet. I called and asked but they said there are no requirements other than showing up and listening to the presentation. Don’t want to get there and unexpectedly pay full price + extra because of pre-screening questions of some sort. Any thoughts?

  12. Lee,
    We have used the savings at Hilton twice. Once at the resort in Lake Buena Vista. It is spectacular. Our second one was prepaid for Vegas but we switched it to myrtle beach instead because some family members didn’t want to pay for airfare. We live in Florida so we get to travel their frequently. This is such a great deal but as you warned be prepared to say no at the presentaion.

    • Hey Pamela, I’m glad you’ve liked the Hilton timeshare packages. I just signed up again. This one was $299 with 100% money back and $100 “stay a night on us” for 5 days and 4 nights at the same locations – Vegas, Orlando, or Myrtle Beach. Will probably bring the kids back to Orlando early next year.

      • Lee, I know its been a while, but where exactly did these sales pitches take place? I don’t want to book and then not be able to make it to the pitch.

        • Depending upon which property you’re staying, the presentation will most likely be at that resort. When we stayed at Las Palmeras, the presentation was at the hotel. It was located in a back building between the pool and parking structure.


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