Couple Keeps Bed Bugs in House, Facial Recognition at Centurion Lounge, iPhone Secret Email Menu

Amex Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas in 2016
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The Morning Shave

You Will Soon be Able to Access Centurion Lounges Using Facial Recognition. – Technology will make it easier to enter the airport lounge, but how hard is it to pull out your Amex Platinum and have them swipe it? Seems like the best benefit is that you won’t have to carry your Platinum Card with you (since I never use it for daily spend anyway). Check out these 17 hidden benefits of the Amex Platinum that you might not know about.

Meet the South Dakota couple who keep thousands of bedbugs in their home. – This would freak me out. I know they’re doing it for a good reason, but I just know that at least one of those little buggers would escape. And I can’t believe how she feeds them. Gross!

10 Essential Civil Rights Movement Historic Sites to Visit. – In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr, and all that he did for Civil Rights, consider adding some of these historic sites to your travel plans this year.

iPhones Have a Secret Menu That Filters Out Annoying Emails. – It turns out that there is still so much to learn about the device that is literally with me 24 hours a day. I never knew this function was available in the email app. I totally need to use this one.

Alliant to cap cash back at $10K spend per month. – I wrote about this 3% cash back card last summer and how it might be the best credit card for everyday use. For most people, capping the spending at $10,000 won’t be an issue. Others who like to take advantage of loopholes might be crying a little right now.

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