China Airlines Ontario to Taipei Inaugural Ceremony

China Airlines 777-300ER Ontario to Taiwan
China Airlines 777-300ER
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On Sunday, March 25, 2018, marked a huge milestone for China Airlines and the Ontario International Airport Authority. China Airlines became the first airline to fly transpacific routes. China Airlines Ontario to Taipei route is being called the newest gateway to Asia. A perfect fitting with Taiwan being viewed the “Heart of Asia”.

China Airlines Ontario To Taipei

China Airlines Ontario to Taipei
Opening Ceremony

Flight Availability

China Airlines is operating daily non-stop flights from Ontario at 3:45 pm and arriving in Taiwan at 8:55 pm (14 hours and 10-minute flight). Coming back, flights will depart Taoyuan Airport at 4:10 pm and arrive in Ontario at 1:20 pm (12 hours and 10-minute flight).

China Airlines ONT To TPE
China Airlines 777-300ER
China Airlines Crew ONT to TPE
China Airlines Crew of the Inaugural flight from ONT to TPE.

The Bald thoughts

As someone who travels to Asia frequently, I love having a new option to avoid LAX traffic. I would be happy to see more airlines offer international flights from Ontario Airport. But, the airport would have to go through a massive renovation in order to accommodate new passengers. As of now, Ontario Airport offers a much faster and cheaper alternative to fly to Asia with China Airlines.



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