Avianca Business Class 787 LAX TO BOG

Avianca Boeing 787 right diagonal view
Image courtesy of Avianca media relations.
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Most of my friends know me as a weekend traveler and by that, I mean I travel across the world just for a few days to explore something new. While most of my friends say it’s not worth it, I beg to differ. On my recent crazy adventures, I was flying back home from Frankfurt, Germany then immediately getting on a flight from Los Angeles to Bogota, Colombia. I decided to book Avianca Business Class on their 787 as I needed to get some rest before my adventure.

Avianca Business Class 787 LAX TO BOG

The seats were configured in a 1-2-1 configuration with a divider between the two middle seats. It offered just the right amount of privacy if you were flying solo. And if you were flying with a companion, you could easily scoot forward and hold a conversation face-to-face.

LAX to Bogota avianca business class seat
Business Class Seat

Pre-Boarding Service

The boarding process took longer than expected at Tom Bradley International Airport and we had to be shuttled out to the remote terminal at LAX. Finally sitting down with a glass of champagne made it all worthwhile.

LAX to Bogota avianca Champagne
Welcome Champagne


All the controls were located to the right of me. It made it easy to have everything in one area rather than trying to find out where everything was situated beforehand.

a close-up of a device
Seat Controls

Amenity Kit

The amenity kit came in a nice Tumi branded pouch. Inside was common items you would find in an amenity kit such as a toothbrush with toothpaste, eye mask, pen, lotion, ear plus and chapstick.

LAX to Bogota avianca Tumi Amenity Kit
Tumi Amenity Kit

Meal Service

The in-flight menu offered a tasty selection of wines, beers, mixed drinks, and premium liquors. Coffee and soda were also available, but where’s the fun in that when everything on the menu is free?

To start the meal service, I had the cheddar cheese and black olives over romaine lettuce for my salad. For my entre, I chose the grilled chicken with pineapple sauce. It came with steamed rice and cooked Chinese cabbage.

Click on the menu’s below to open the image to read the menu easier.

LAX to Bogota avianca menu
Dinner Menu
LAX to Bogota avianca beverage menu
Beverage Menu

a hand holding a menu

LAX to Bogota avianca main course
Main Meal

The Bald Thoughts

With so many international flights for work, I enjoy spoiling myself with business class upgrades whenever possible. Having a lie-flat seat available to catch some sleep on my way down to Colombia was a welcome luxury. It allowed me to be refreshed and ready to explore as soon as I landed.

Be sure to follow the rest of the journey on my new blog TravelCharlie on the Boarding Area family of travel blogs.


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