American Sued Over Credit Card Bonuses, How to Meet Min Spend, Best First Class Seats

American Airlines 737 Livery
Image courtesy of American Airlines.
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How to Meet Your Credit Card Spending Requirement

One of the biggest benefits of getting a new credit card is the welcome bonus. This is the quickest path to earning a huge number of miles, points or cash back. But, meeting the minimum spending requirement to earn the bonus can be challenging. Read bout ten ways to meet the minimum spending requirement on a new credit card by the deadline, five hazards you need to avoid, and bank eligibility rules to be aware of.

American Airlines is sued for seizing cardholders’ frequent flier miles.

This class action lawsuit against American Airlines travelers looks to regain lost frequent flier miles because AA closed travelers’ accounts for taking “AAdvantage” of offers from different banks. American partners with both Citi and Barclays to offer its credit cards, and neither of these banks have application rules limiting bonuses from multiple banks. To my knowledge, the only bank that does that (aside from the Chase 5/24 Rule) is Chase and Amex with some of the Marriott cards.

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Photo courtesy of American Airlines.

This Airline’s New Boarding System Could Speed Up Your Next Flight.

Boarding the plane has to be one of the most painful aspects of traveling. Most airlines board by groups based on elite status and ticket price, while Southwest boards based on when you checked in for your flight. Experts have other ideas that can speed up the process even more, but few airlines seem to be interested in implementing them. What do you think is the fastest way to board, and would you be interested in an airline tried one of these methods?

‘I would absolutely not fly a Max airplane’: Ex-Boeing manager raises alarm on jets returning to service.

Expert advice or sour grapes? Now that Alaska Airlines (and others) are slowly returning Max planes to the sky, an ex-manager from Boeing says that he would not fly on one. From his experience, he saw the pressure workers were under to get the planes built. In all industries, pressure from management to work faster and harder often leads to cutting corners and lower quality assurance. When that pressure wrecks your burger at a fast food joint, you can just get a new burger or go someplace else to eat. When that happens to your plane, you may not know about the problem until it’s too late. Do you feel comfortable flying in a Max plane?

The Best First Class Seats You Can Fly Right Now.

Flying in first class is one of the most aspirational purchases a traveler can make. And while affording the outrageous cash price for an international first-class flight isn’t in most traveler’s budgets, booking one with airline miles is certainly within our reach. This article says that the Singapore Airlines First Class Suites on the Airbus A380 are the best first-class seats you can fly right now. Comment below if you agree… and if not, tell us which airline first-class experience is better in your opinion.

Thinking of getting a new credit card?

To see the best credit card offers available, go to our credit card marketplace to find your next card.


  1. Boeing’s spate of troubles can really be traced back to the merger with McDonnell-Douglas. The problem was that the MCD management somehow ended up in charge. Boeing was largely an engineering company and the new management crew largely destroyed that in favor of profit.

    When you look at the planes since the merger, how have they worked out? The 787 has had repeated groundings, the 737MAX – well I think that one speaks for itself – and the new 777 is several years behind schedule with engine problems and actually failed a cabin pressure test. In sum, the management at Boeing needs to be removed. Quickly. The company needs vision and leadership but instead has pen pushers. A crying shame for such an iconic American brand.


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