American Airlines Business 777-200 LAX to LHR

American Airlines Business Class 777-200 Seat
American Airlines Business Class 777-200 Seat
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On a recent work trip, I had to fly to Germany. Given that I didn’t have a choice on my route, I had to connect through London-Heathrow airport via American Airlines. I decided to upgrade my economy seat with American Airlines standard upgrades of 25,000 plus cash. Since I have the Citi/AAdvantage Platinum Select Card, I received a 10% discount on my upgrade award flight. The total came out 22,500 miles to upgrade on an American Airlines Business Class 777-200.

American Airlines Business 777-200

I was excited flying this route again because the Boeing 777-200 feature seats facing the opposite way. Last time I flew to London Heathrow airport I was flying United Polaris out of Dulles (IAD) but I decided to face forward.

American Airlines Business 777-200 Seat
American Airlines Business Class 777-200 Seat

American Airlines Business 777-200 Pre-Boarding Service

Due to LAX traffic, I nearly missed my flight and rushed straight to my seat as I was one of the last passengers to board the plane. I sat quickly and the flight attendant still came by to offer me a welcome beverage. I chose the champagne as always.

American Airlines Business 777-200 Champagne
Welcome drink

American Airlines Business 777-200 Seat and Amenity Kit

After finishing my glass of champagne I started to get ready for takeoff. Next to my seat was a pair of Bose headphones which are always nice to have on long-haul flights if you don’t own a pair. I accidentally forgot my noise-canceling headphones at home and asked the flight attendant if he had any with a single prong connector and he said yes!

American Airlines Business 777-200 Bose Headphones
Complimentary Bose Headphones were provided for the long-haul flight

The power outlet compartment had two USB ports and two 110v outlets to charge any of my electronics. The small storage space was a perfect fit for my phone and GoPro to charge in flight.

American Airlines Business 777-200 Power Outlet
Power Outlets

The TV remote was standard as it is on most international business products. The LCD seat adjustment was easy to use when I needed to get comfortable.

American Airlines Business 777-200 Media Control
TV Remote and Seat Adjustment Screen

Now, most passengers won’t have this issue but for me being really tall, I struggle with the footrest area all the time. I was able to sleep comfortably but I could not lay flat on my back. I had to sleep on the side to get a good night’s rest.

American Airlines Business 777-200 Leg Room
Legroom was not good for my height (6’5)

The amenity kit came in Cole Haan case. It offered similar amenities found when flying United Polaris or Delta ONE. One thing I really liked was the headphone ear cover to make sure you don’t get any germs while wearing them.

American Airlines Business 777-200 international Amenity Kit
Amenity Kit

American Airlines Business 777-200 Menu

American Airlines Business 777-200 international Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu
American Airlines Business 777-200 Breakfast Menu
Breakfast Menu
American Airlines Business 777-200 international Beverages
Beverage Menu
American Airlines Business 777-200 international Wine List
Wine List

American Airlines Business 777-200 Food Service

The shrimp was seasoned very well and tasted great.

American Airlines Business 777-200 Appetizer

I was really impressed on how good the Korean short ribs tasted.

American Airlines Business 777-200 Meal
Main Course

The ice cream sundae absolutely satisfied my sweet tooth.

American Airlines Business 777-200 ice cream
Haagen Dazs Caramel Ice Cream Sundae
American Airlines Business 777-200 Breakfast
Breakfast was light and good

The Bald Thoughts

Overall, I had a much better experience than my horrible experience flying American Airlines First Class from LAX to Hong Kong last year. The staff made sure I was taken care of throughout my whole flight and came immediately when I called for them. The food service was great and I don’t have any complaints about that. This flight was an example of American Airlines doing everything correctly. If only all of my other experiences with American Airlines went so smoothly. For now, since I live in Los Angeles, I will stick with the consistently great service I receive while flying Delta Airlines.

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    • Fred, I think Charlie is saying that this was a terrific experience on AA. If they would consistently perform at this level, he might switch his allegiance from Delta.

  1. dont blame your poor experience in first class on AA. That was a catering problem outside their control. Fly F from LAX-HKG any other time and it bests anything UA or DL has to offer TPAC.

  2. The thing I find weird about the forward and reverse facing seats is that depending on the seat, you have a direct view of the person in the seat across from you. That can get awkward at times because you constantly have to shift your gaze.

    That’s good you got to sample some good Korean food. It’s good to know AA is improving as they are not known for the best food.


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