Airlines With Most Delays, JetBlue Europe Expansion, 11 Amazing Christmas Markets

JetBlue tailfins blueberries
Photo courtesy of JetBlue
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11 Christmas Markets to Tell Your Clients About.

After visiting a Christmas Market in Dusseldorf a few years ago, I’m obsessed with them. Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like visiting a Christmas Market to enjoy delicious food and drinks while mingling with other people. And, best of all, they aren’t filled with the normal Christmas jingles that U.S. stores play on repeat way too much. While most of these Christmas Markets are in Europe, a couple in the U.S. are worth mentioning. Have you been to a Christmas Market before?

The Airlines With the Most Delays This Year, According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

And yet Allegiant won several awards at USA Today’s 10Best. The airline was on-time only 62% of the time. Considering that they target smaller and less congested airports, there’s no excuse for such tardiness. Of the airline’s issues, 8.45% were due to carrier delays and 4.34% to canceled or diverted flights. Based on these results, while you may save money with Allegiant, you get what you pay for in on-time service.

Allegiant aircraft sunset
Image courtesy of Allegiant.

How the airline industry went from life support to record earnings in two years.

Airlines are rolling in the dough right now with filled planes and higher fares resulting in record profits. After two years of not traveling, travelers are making up for lost time, even if prices are 30% to 40% higher than a year ago. And, of course, airlines are squeezing loyalty programs to boost their bottom line even more. So, don’t sit on piles of miles. Earn with a redemption in mind, then book the flight as soon as you have enough.

Suitcase Locks Are Basically Useless, but There Is One Way to Keep Your Stuff Safe.

Yet another reason why you should be Team Carryon. While checking bags can be easier and improve your entire airport experience, the fastest and safest option is to carry your bags onto the plane. Your play may go sideways, though, if you’re forced to gate check your bag. Because of this, keep your valuables in your backpack, purse, or other bags that you’ll fit under the seat in front of you.

JetBlue will soon announce a Europe expansion.

This is excellent news for JetBlue lovers. And JetBlue’s expansion can also help reduce the fares of other airlines in order to compete. I flew one of JetBlue’s inaugural flights between JFK and Heathrow, and the Mint service was incredible. Although I don’t think I got the right value for my TrueBlue points, it was a good option to save cash. I’m excited to hear which cities they’ll service next.

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