Air China A330 Business Beijing to Tokyo

Air China Business A330
A330 Seat View
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Air China A330 Business Beijing to Tokyo

I’ve never flown on Air China and I had the opportunity to fly with them recently. I decided to book business class even though it’s a 3-hour flight from Beijing to Tokyo. Watch my full trip report below.

Meal Service

Air China Business Peanuts
Air China Business Beverage
Japanese Sake


Air China Business Dessert
Main Course
Air China Business Dessert
Dessert and Moon Cake

The Bald Thoughts

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with Air China’s business product. The seats felt very dated and the meal service was a bit slow. The car freshener in the bathroom felt very unprofessional and downgraded my experience. Given that my flight was 3-hours long, I’d be interested to fly with Air China again on a trans-pacific route to compare a short and long-haul flight experience.


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