Best Credit Card Offers According To Shabbir

Whether I’m traveling with my family or by myself, I use credit card miles and points to travel for free. I earn miles, points, and cash back through sign-up bonuses and everyday purchases. Then, I pay off the balances in full so that I never pay any interest to the bank.

Best Credit Card Offers

Follow the links below to find out the best credit card offers. I’ve broken down the links into different categories to make it easy for you to find the best credit card for your situation and goals.

If you’re looking to use miles & points to reduce your travel expenses, then follow our 5 simple steps to start travel hacking.

And once you’ve received your newest credit card, use these 11 steps to follow when getting a new credit card to maximize the rewards you can earn. These tips also work on your existing cards as well.

Best Credit Card Sign-up Bonuses

Get the most rewards possible by signing up for the biggest sign-up bonuses. These offers will boost your balances quicker than any other strategy.

Travel Credit Card Offers

These credit cards are a mixture of airline miles, hotel points, and bank points. I like having some of each to increase flexibility so I can take advantage of whichever program is offering the best deal to my vacation destination.

Hotel Credit Card Offers

One of my favorite perks of having a hotel credit card is the annual free nights that most of them offer. This is the perfect way to stay at great hotels for a significant discount to their normal rates. I also like it when I receive upgraded status and hotel rooms before I’ve spent a single dime with the hotel for the year.

Airline Credit Card Offers

With airline credit cards you’ll start out with great perks like free checked bags and priority boarding that is usually reserved for people that fly all of the time. Many airlines are now charging $30 per checked bag per flight. These credit cards can pay for themselves many times over just by avoiding the checked bag fees.

0% Balance Transfer Offers

If you’re carrying a balance on your credit cards, travel rewards shouldn’t be your primary focus. Instead, use one of these balance transfer offers to eliminate your credit card interest and get your debt paid off. Once you’ve tackled that goal, let’s talk about which rewards credit card is right for you.

Business Credit Card Offers

Business owners have a unique opportunity to double-dip on sign-up bonuses. Plus, by putting all of their business expenses on the right credit card can really add up. And business credit cards also tend to have different bonus spending categories than personal credit cards, so you can now earn extra rewards that you couldn’t earn previously.

No Annual Fee Credit Card Offers

Some people just refuse to pay an annual credit card fee. These are the best credit cards that don’t charge an annual fee, yet still offer great benefits and the ability to earn rewards and cash back.

Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers

Nobody wants to be declined for a credit card application. If you’re unsure of your credit situation, use this link to see which credit cards you’ve been pre-approved or pre-qualified for to give yourself the best shot at being approved.