7 Days To Your Dream Vacation

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends.  Whether you are exploring a new destination or returning to an old favorite, we need this time to recharge our batteries, forget about work, and reduce stress in our lives.

Americans don’t vacation enough

However, we have a hard time using all of our vacation time off.  Studies have shown that only 23% of us Americans use all of our vacation time and, on average, we leave half of our vacation days unused!  In total, 662 million vacation days went unused in 2016.

We want to help change that for you with our free email course!

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What you’ll learn in our email course

Studies show that vacations boost pleasure.  Thank you, Captain Obvious!

We want to help boost your pleasure while showing you how to make your dream vacation a reality.  And we break the process down into 7 simple steps through daily emails.

Keep in mind… you don’t have to complete the course in 7 days.  We’re all busy people, so complete the lessons at a pace that you feel comfortable with.  The lessons will be here waiting for you.

7 Days of Email Lessons

When you sign up for the 7 Days to Your Dream Vacation email course, you will receive daily emails for 7 days covering the following topics:

Day 1 – We’ll talk about where you want to travel and why.  The “why” is very important!  If you can’t visualize your vacation and what it means to you to go on that trip, you won’t make it a priority.

Day 2 – The focus here is which airlines fly to your favorite destination and how you like to travel.  Would you like to travel in Business or First Class?  Or are you OK with traveling in Economy?

Day 3 – When you reach your destination, what type of accommodations do you want?  Is it a luxury resort, a basic room with 4 walls and a bed, or somewhere in between?

Day 4 – Which airline and hotel loyalty brands offer what you’re looking for?  How can you benefit from perks, earn free nights, and receive upgrades?

Day 5 – For your preferred airline and hotel brands, do they have a co-branded credit card?  What benefits does it offer and do those benefits outweigh any annual fee that may be charged?

Day 6 – How else can you earn miles and points besides paying for travel or getting a credit card?  Can these activities help you earn more rewards for free travel?

Day 7 – Making your dream vacation a reality.  We’re so close!  Can you imagine yourself already on vacation?  Finalizing your personalized plan of attack.  How long will it take before you can book your trip?

We look forward to helping put you on a path to success!

What is your “Why?”

Every one of us has different reasons for why we travel and who we travel with.  I love to explore new places and enjoy new experiences, but my primary reason to travel is to create new memories with my wife and children.

What is your “why”?

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