TSA ID Requirements, United Award Chart Purge, Credit Score Myths

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The Morning Shave

The bright sides of the United award chart purge. – Most of us get upset when loyalty programs change the rules. This is because most changes make it harder or more expensive for us to redeem for the free travel that we love so much. Greg shares a few scenarios where the United Airlines “enhancements” actually add some value when you’re looking to book a flight with your miles.

TSA Launches Awareness Campaign for New ID Requirements. – Good thing that I always travel with my passport because current California and Tennessee driver’s licenses won’t work under the new rules. I’m going to get a REAL-ID compliant driver’s license as soon as they’re available here in Nashville. In the meantime, having a passport with me at all times means that I’m always ready in case an awesome international flight deal pops up.

I Booked My Dad On The EVA Air Hello Kitty Plane And Didn’t Tell Him. – What fun “payback” for his Dad. And such a cool experience if you’re willing to play along with the Hello Kitty everything and enjoy the ride.

Buca di Beppo and Planet Hollywood Among 100+ Restaurants Breached: What to Do Next. – When you use your credit cards as much as we do, your information is bound to be exposed because of lax security by retailers and restaurants. Remain vigilant and watch out for unexpected charges on your credit cards.

Myths: What impacts credit scores? – Credit scores are affected by many variables, but these myth-busters help clear up some misconceptions. For instance, your salary is not reported anywhere on your credit report and does not affect your credit score.

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    • Hmm, my wife got her Driver’s License last summer (Summer 2018) and hers isn’t. She told me that they weren’t issuing compliant IDs until later this year, so she’ll have to get a new one to be compliant.

      Here’s a recent news article stating that the REAL ID compliant TN driver’s licenses won’t be available until July 1st.

      And the TN.gov site confirms it by answering the question – When is Tennessee going to issue REAL ID compliant credentials? Tennessee will issue REAL ID compliant credentials beginning Summer 2019.


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