Poppy Apocalypse in SoCal, Google Hotel Booking Engine, Airport Facial Recognition

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The Morning Shave

Google Quietly Releases Its Hotel Booking Destination With Potentially Huge Implications. – Hotels and OTA’s should be very afraid of Google entering their marketplace. This is a great opportunity to find low-cost hotel stays, but just remember that most hotel loyalty program benefits don’t apply unless you book direct. If there are enough savings, it might be worth it to skip the free breakfast and late checkout you get with status.

Poppy Apocalypse Creating Major Problems for Lake Elsinore & Tourists. – Lake Elsinore is a small town about an hour outside of Orange County where I used to live. I’ve been seeing so many pictures on IG from my friends who are visiting so they can see the poppies in full bloom. I understand all of the traffic and frustration, but the city also needs to maximize all of the extra local business generated from visitors eating, shopping, and staying in the area. I’m sure some creative entrepreneurs are making some real money right now. If you’re going to visit, please be respectful of nature by staying on the established paths and take all of your trash with you.


Airport facial recognition is here and expanding: What are your rights? Can you opt out? – It’s a brave new world and you’re not going to like the answers to these questions. US Customs is slated to have facial recognition in place at all entry/exit locations by 2025. This is very concerning, even if you’re a law-abiding citizen. Just look at what they’re doing with this technology in China.

How to Sleep on an Airplane. – Anna has no problem falling asleep on a plane (or anywhere for that matter). If I’m flying Economy, I have the hardest time catching some Zzzz’s. I need to try out some of these tips so I can arrive fresh and relaxed instead of tired and ready for bed.

This Hotel Will Give You a $15,000 Stay—For Something You Stole. – We’ve all “mistakenly” taken something from a hotel we probably shouldn’t have. Monogrammed towels. A bathrobe. Extra shampoo and soaps. However, these guests have taken “oops, I forgot” to a whole new level. This contest is a cool idea to recapture some of the history of this hotel. Would you return your stolen goodies for a chance at an amazing stay?

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