Tips To Navigate Airports With Kids, Amex Airline Gift Card Strategies, Traveling Kids Do Better In School

Timmy flying from Paris
Timmy flying from Paris
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Welcome to The Morning Shave. We read a ton of travel articles each day for our personal research and to share the best travel tips and tricks with you. Here are the articles for Monday, January 14, 2019, that we think you should read.

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The Morning Shave

Traveling With Your Kids Will Make Them Better in School. – I’m a big believer that travel helps children (and adults) stimulate the brain. I also think travel gives us a different perspective and broadens our world view. Anna and I have talked for years about taking the kids to places that they’ll be studying. For example, Boston for the American Revolution and Civil War Battlefields when they’re learning about the Civil War.

12 Tips for Navigating Airports with Kids. – Travel can be tough as an adult. When you add kids to the mix, travel becomes infinitely more challenging. These are great tips for helping make the chore a little more manageable. I fully support the idea of getting buy-in from the kids, giving them tasks that they can handle, and NEVER passing up a bathroom opportunity.

Timothy SkipHop Stockholm airport January 2017
Timmy in Stockholm

The FYI on Airline Gift Cards & Amex Charge Cards. – Although the terms and conditions say that you cannot buy airline gift cards with airline credits from your credit card, the dirty little secret is that some people get away with it. You just have to be careful about how you do it.

How a Preclearance Facility Almost Caused Me to Miss My Flight. – What a frustrating experience. Processes like preclearance are supposed to make the travel experience faster and easier. In this situation, it had the opposite effect. I’m glad that she made her flight because I’m sure the airline would have blamed her somehow. Then she would have been stuck paying for an overnight stay and hoping to find two good spots on the next flight home.

If You Travel to Mexico, Maybe Don’t Rent A Car. – I absolutely would not rent a car in Mexico. I find traveling by taxi or tour bus to be much better and more practical. Although we may be good drivers in the US, we aren’t familiar with the written (and unwritten) rules of the road in a foreign country. I’ve driven in France and Costa Rica before, but there are some places where it just isn’t worth the hassle.

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