Disney Experiences Closing, Wife Cheating Caught on Google Maps, Margaritaville Opening in Ozarks

Orlando Florida Epcot Center Timothy and Scarlett entrance
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The Morning Shave

The 20/4/10 Rule: How Much Should You Spend On a Car. – If you want to be able to travel as much as you want to, it is critical that you control your expenses. Follow these guidelines when purchasing a car to keep your monthly obligations low and free up more money for your travel budget!

Your Favorite Disney Experience May Not Be There on Your Next Visit. – Although visiting Disney can be an expensive vacation, if you love certain attractions, you better visit quickly because some of them are disappearing. Disney is constantly reinventing itself and, with the addition of Star Wars Land, will continue to up their game to keep you coming back. How we spent 2 days at Disney World for under $100.

9 Disneyland tips and tricks I learned from our 3 days at the park. – Disney vacations are a great treat for the family. With admission prices so high, you want to maximize your time while saving as much as possible. Use these tips to have the best Disney vacation ever. 8 Disney hacks to save time and money at Disney World.

This Man Was Just Looking for Directions When He Found His Wife With Another Man on Google Street View. – Wow, that has to be horrible. It’s bad when your spouse is cheating, but when the evidence is available for the entire world to see, that’s even worse. Technology is pervasive in our lives, so be aware of what is being recorded and tracked (mostly without your consent).

Margaritaville Outlines Plans for First Lake Resort in the Ozarks. – When I think of Jimmy Buffet and Margaritaville, Missouri isn’t the first place I imagine. But, hey, everybody loves margaritas! I’m looking forward to checking it out on some road trips next summer.

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  1. The Margaritaville at Lake of the Ozarks will really improve the tired Tan-Tar-A property I think. This is a super old, giant resort that used to be a Marriott resort years ago along with tons of nearby Marriott time share condos as well. I stayed there for a meeting early in the year and they had already started doing the remodel at that time. The rooms are blue with wood laminate flooring and while a little old around the edges they aren’t bad and a huge improvement over the old rooms. It is the best location on Lake of the Ozarks. I’m surprised Marty Byrde didn’t buy it 🙂
    Too bad Land shark beer is so average.


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