Pearl Harbor Memorial Closed Indefinitely, Sapphire Reserve Changes, Jim Beam Father’s Day Flights For $25


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The Morning Shave

Chase Sapphire Reserve Changes Coming Soon? – I’m just about to get under Chase 5/24 and now they’re taking away some of the benefits? ARGH! Ok, the changes aren’t that bad, but still. Timing is everything in the world of miles and points.

Pearl Harbor’s USS Arizona Memorial Is Shutting Down Indefinitely for Repairs. – Aside from the American Military Cemetary in Normandy, France, visiting Pearl Harbor was the most somber travel experience I’ve ever had. Even though you can’t walk on the memorial right now, I still recommend visiting Pearl Harbor to see the museum and take the boat tour.

Jim Beam Will Fly You and Your Dad to Kentucky to Bond Over Bourbon for $25. – This has to be one of the best Father’s Day promotions I’ve ever seen. What could be better than spending time with your Dad, enjoying a drink, and creating lasting memories? My Dad passed away 6 years ago, and even though he doesn’t drink, a trip like this would truly special. What I wouldn’t give to spend another couple of days with him.

Coming Soon: Redeem Avios on Fiji Airways. – British Airways Avios are one of my favorite currencies for short-haul and non-stop flights. There could be great value in redeeming Avios on Fiji.

On Anthony Bourdain… – We may never know the true reasons for his suicide. Anthony inspired so many people to travel and experience food and culture from around the world. It’s a shame that he felt that taking his own life was better than living through whatever was going on in his life. If you feel the same way, please don’t do it. Call for help at 800-273-8255.

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