Hotel Lobby: Secret Weapon Against AirBnB, Free National Executive Status, PHX Newest Lounge Designs

The Hewing Hotel lobby
The Hewing Hotel lobby

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The Morning Shave

Free National Car Rental Executive Status. – I’m usually a Hertz guy since I get free car seats with my AAA membership. But it’s nice to know that I can get Executive status for times when I’m traveling by myself.

Why the Hotel Lobby Is the Perfect Antidote to Airbnb. – This is totally true. While traveling, I enjoy hanging out in the lobby to soak up the ambiance and meet people to find out where they’re from, why they selected this hotel, and what are some of the best things they’d recommend while staying here. With AirBnB, that just doesn’t happen.

Kimpton Canary lobby
The Kimpton Canary lobby in Santa Barbara, CA.

Phoenix Will Replace Small Priority Pass Space With New 10,000 Square Foot Lounge: Whose Will It Be? – The problem with airports is that it is hard for any location to expand, which is one of the reasons Priority Pass has been expanding into partnerships with existing restaurants. I’m glad to see that the lounge will be expanding given how crowded some lounges are getting these days.

This Company Gives Its Employees $5,000 Every Year to Go on Vacation. – Ok, if I ever change jobs, working for a company like this sounds like the way to go. What’s the best perk your job offers? Mine offers profit sharing, but all of that money goes into your retirement account so you can’t use any of it today.

This Airbnb Rental Looks Like a ‘Star Wars’ Set. – If you’re a hard-core Star Wars’ fan, what could be better than staying someplace that makes you feel like you’re in the movie? I’ve never stayed at an AirBnB, but I think something like this would be a unique experience worthwhile of trying out. What’s been your favorite AirBnB experience?

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