Avoid United’s $75 Close-In Fee, TSA PreCheck vs. Global Entry, Book Emirates First Class Suite

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The Morning Shave

You Can Still Avoid United’s $75 Close-in Fee. – I hate petty fees like this, so whenever I find hacks to avoid them, I want to share.  United (and most other airlines) charge a fee if you redeem award tickets close to the departure date.  United charges $75 if you try to book within 21 days.

TSA PreCheck or Global Entry: Which is better? – Tyler covered this topic, and we totally agree that Global Entry is the way to go.  I’ve now become a believer in adding CLEAR to maximize the value of TSA PreCheck or Global Entry because some of the PreCheck lines are starting to get quite long.

Global Entry card

My top three Mickey Mouse-shaped snacks at Disney Parks. – I vote for the Mickey-shaped waffles.  Those are the bomb!

16 Cozy Airbnbs That Will Make You Excited for Winter. – I can see the allure of an AirBnB, but I haven’t tried them yet because of timeshare weeks and hotel points cover all of our travel needs at the moment.  I definitely need to try an AirBnB sometime soon though.

How to book Emirates new First Class Suite using points & miles… – This First Class Suite looks absolutely amazing.  I need to try it out sometime… even if it is just a weekend flight leaving on Friday and coming back Sunday for the experience of it all.

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  1. Indian citizens recently became eligible for Global Entry, but it requires a trip to India for background check by Indian authorities. Indian government takes several months to approve, and no Indian citizen till date has been approved for Global Entry, except the Indian ambassador to USA. The way the Indian government hasn’t handled Global Entry has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Thanks for sharing about the India opportunity with Global Entry. I hadn’t heard about that before. Hopefully they’ll figure things about better soon so it can improve your travel experience.


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