Companion Pass New Benefit Trial, Racist Rant on Plane, Compensation for Delays

Southwest Heart One
Photo courtesy of Southwest. Photo Credit: Stephen M. Keller

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The Morning Shave

Pilot Program: Southwest Companions Boarding At The Same Time. – This is totally the right move.  One of my biggest frustrations with Southwest is that I have to board separately from my Companion.  I’m just going to save a seat for them anyway, so you might as well save everyone from asking “is this seat taken?” and let them board with me.

Passenger Asserts White Privilege in Onboard Rant, Gets Choked & Carried Off on Stretcher. – I’m surprised this wasn’t on a Spirit flight.

United Execs Predict Fares Will Stay Low for the Rest of the Year. – The holidays are coming.  Even if this is true, you want to book asap to get the best fares and availability.

BA Changes Its Baggage Allowance Rules With Almost No Notice. – Why don’t airlines and hotels realize that changes without notice really upset customers?  They probably do realize it and don’t care because they know we’ll adjust and it will be “back to normal” fairly quickly.

New court ruling – more airlines owe more passengers money for delays… – Great news for all of us who are inconvenienced by delays.  Too bad this rule only applies to the EU and isn’t in the US.


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