Netflix Binge Watch on Planes, Etihad Pilot Dies Mid-Flight, JetBlue Sam Adams Beer Tasting

Miami to Grand Cayman American Airlines pilot Timmy

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The Morning Shave

Netflix wants to make it easier to binge-watch on planes. – This will be great for adults and kids.  I’m gonna love being able to catch up on House of Cards and all of my other favorites.

Etihad pilot dies mid flight. – I can’t imagine how scared everyone on the plane was when this was announced.  Our condolences to the pilot’s family.

Miami to Grand Cayman American Airlines pilot Timmy
In case of emergency, Timmy is available to pilot the plane.

New Feature! Receive An Alert When You Can Earn More Miles From Your Favorite Store! – Online shopping portal bonuses are one of the best ways to earn airline miles and hotel points without getting a new credit card.  If you’re not earning miles and points for your online shopping, you’re missing out big time.

American Now Lets You Re-Route Yourself When Flights Go Wrong. – This is a good thing for those of us who are good with computers.  However, for the technologically inept or people who can’t make up their minds, this is going to slow things down even more.

JetBlue Teamed up With Sam Adams for a Beer Tasting Flight to Denver. – This would have been awesome.  I sampled plenty of beers on the Denver Beer Trail with Tyler and there are some really tasty breweries in Downtown Denver.


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  1. Wow, the Etihad pilot news is terrible. That’s why it’s critical to have both a pilot and copilot. I say this because I took a short island-hopper flight in the Caribbean not so long ago, and there was only a pilot (no copilot). I was scared out of my wits, thinking that I might die if he had a health issue. I don’t know if all aviation authorities require a copilot, but think that they should, at least if the aircraft is operating commercially.


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