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How to renew a Passport old passport
My old passport arrived a couple days after I received my new one.
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17 Hotels Where You Can See the Northern Lights Without Leaving Your Bed.

The only thing better than seeing the Northern Lights is to see them from the comfort (and warmth) of your hotel room. These hotels seem incredible with the bonus of seeing one of the most intriguing attractions in the world. Have you stayed at one of these hotels?

Google to phase out Book on Google for flights.

It seems that Google decided it was better to provide flight information to travelers than to actually book the flights itself. I understand the desire to book directly with hotels so that you can earn rewards and receive elite status benefits. But there’s no benefit of booking directly with the airlines other than customer service issues in case something goes wrong. If you’re going to use a non-airline website to book your flights, your best bet is one of the travel portals from Amex, Capital One, or Chase to get up to 5x points on your flight… in addition to the miles you’ll earn from the airline.

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Photo courtesy of American Airlines.

Americans Will Be Able to Renew their Passports Online By Early 2023.

This move absolutely makes sense, especially for renewals. These changes may have already been in the works, but the pandemic made it necessary to launch online renewal sooner rather than later. For busy travelers, this is such a welcome move. It’s a hassle having to take a picture, schedule an appointment at the post office, etc. to get your passport. Now, can they do something to make it easier to get new passports for kids?

You Can Get a Second Passport If You Have a Grandparent From One of These Countries.

Speaking of passports, if your ancestors came from one of these countries, you’re in luck. While U.S. passports are known to be one of the most valuable for travelers, sometimes it helps to have a passport from a different country. There are seven countries on this list, and there’s a good chance that you’re eligible based on one of your relatives. We need to look into the Spanish passport for our family.

The Secret Attraction at Disney World That Most Guests Don’t Know About.

Since I’m in Orlando this week to speak at FinCon, I thought that I’d share something fun that most of us don’t know about. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary or want to take a break from waiting in line or going on rides, these fun scavenger hunts are a good way to try something different. And they may lead to better memories that everyone can talk about for years to come.

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