Holiday Airfare Most Expensive in 5 Years, Credit Card Rewards Going Away?, Best U.S. Remote Work Locations

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If this legislation passes, you may lose out on earning rewards.
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Holiday Airfare Is Expected to Be Most Expensive in 5 Years.

People miss spending time with family after dealing with COVID over the last two years.  So, this year, it’s time to get the family back together. With prices on the rise, miles and points are more important than ever to save money. Book your travel now to get the best deals, find the most award space availability, and avoid getting stuck with unfriendly layovers or horrible seats.

Proposed legislation could affect credit card rewards in the US — here’s everything you need to know.

If these changes go through, it could be the end of credit card rewards as we know them. Remember when debit cards earn rewards? When Dodd-Frank was passed, they were eliminated. This proposed law could decimate credit card rewards, so contact your state and Federal representatives to let them know how you feel.

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Always keep track of your miles & points and redeem them quickly for trips.

Which Vaccinations Are Required for Travel?

Some travelers have complained about COVID vaccine requirements while traveling. But, for those of us who have been traveling internationally for years, we understand that getting vaccinations to visit certain countries is just part of the deal. Check out the requirements for many of the most popular destinations from around the world.

The 25 Best Destinations in the US for a Remote Workcation.

Looking for a vacation, but still have to work? If you’re one of the lucky ones, you still get to work remotely. And this provides the opportunity to work remotely from some amazing locations. Just make sure that you have adequate space, a strong WiFi connection, and enough quiet to properly do your job. Being able to work remotely is a huge benefit. Appreciate the opportunity and keep your boss happy so you can keep traveling while earning a nice paycheck.

LaGuardia Airport Is No Longer the Worst. This Team Fixed It.

LaGuardia has long been the butt of many jokes about airport travel. While everyone was laughing, this team was hard at work making improvements to make LaGuardia the envy of some of the most popular airports. I haven’t been able to visit since the construction finished, but I look forward to my next trip.

Thinking of getting a new credit card?

To see the best credit card offers available, go to our credit card marketplace to find your next card.


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