Do This Before Leaving On Vacation, Airline Most Likely To Lose Bag, Credit Cards Not Earning Proper Hotel Points

So frustrating when you wait for your bag and it never arrives.
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The Morning Shave

The Airline Most Likely to Lose Your Bag. – It’s interesting that Allegiant and Frontier are the least likely to lose bags. Maybe it’s because they are discount airlines that charge for bags? The fewer people that check bags, the less likely the airline is to lose it? That’s why I always book my flights with a credit card that offers bag delay/lost coverage. Click here to see the latest offers.

11 Things You Should Do the Day Before You Leave for a Vacation. – Checking into your flight and packing your bags isn’t all that you should do before leaving on vacation. Do these 11 things to have the best vacation experience.

Shame on Airlines for Separating Parents and Children. – Once kids are 16 and old, fine, go ahead and separate them. But trying to sit my 4 and 8-year-old kids in a different part of the aircraft because I didn’t pay extra to select my seat is a bad PR move. Kudos to Canada for passing a law on this, but it needs to go a little bit further. What do you think?

How to thoroughly disinfect your airplane seat. – Whether you’re concerned about Wuhan coronavirus, the flu, or something else, you need to wipe down your seating area when flying. Here’s how to make sure you kill the most virus and bacteria germs possible.

Whine Wednesday: Hotels Not Earning Proper Credit Card Points Due To Incorrect Merchant Code. – This is horrible. You’re doing everything right by using your hotel or travel credit card so you can earn extra points on your hotel stay. Yet, the hotel isn’t set up properly, so you’re not earning the right number of points. As if there aren’t better things for us to worry about, now you have to verify that you’re getting the extra points you deserve.

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  1. I think lost luggage is a misnomer, since as often as not the airline knows where the bag actually is, even if it’s not where it needs to be. I think the reason that the ULCC’s have the lowest incidence of mishandled bags is simply because there’s less to screw up. If a Frontier flight is going nonstop from Boise to Denver, there’s not a whole lot of ways to make things go wrong. Contrast that with a couple of connections on an international ticket and you kind of have an apples to oranges situation. I’d like to see another list that shows mishandled bags per flight segment.

    • I agree with your thinking. Multiple flights and international travel definitely weigh heavily into the equation. I also think that, because the low-cost carriers charge so much for bags, fewer people check them. This puts less stress on the system, so there are fewer bags to handle and misplace.


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