Getting Around LAX, Avoid Hotel Cancellation Policies, Cruelest Airport Prank

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How to avoid a hotel cancellation penalty. – More hotels are adding longer cancellation periods to your reservations. It used to be within 24 hours, but now many have extended it to 3 days or more. And this is for standard reservations, not the prepaid kind. Use some of the strategies in this article if you ever encounter a hotel cancellation penalty. You might just get some of your money back.

How To Get Between Terminals At LAX. – Getting around LAX is a bit of a hassle. This article shares the best ways for moving from one terminal to another. Unlike most other major airports, it isn’t so easy or intuitive and there isn’t a monorail to expedite the process. LAX is undergoing some major updates, so I hope that they will address this to make life easier on travelers. Especially for those of us who want to visit the airport lounges if our departure terminal doesn’t have one.

lax los angeles airport-739311

The Cruelest Airport Prank. – This is funny, but also sad at the same time. Our devices are our lifeblood and when the battery runs out, we’re in deep trouble. That’s why I always keep an external battery with me. I use this one from myCharge because it holds plenty of juice to power several devices. There’s even a $5 off coupon from Amazon right now! If you want to have a little fun with people, you can also get the stickers from Amazon.

Why Won’t Southwest Let This Wheelchair-Bound Man Safely Board His Flight? – My friend Vinny shared this upsetting article with me. Normally, Southwest Airlines does things the right way, but this time they aren’t. With advances in technology more and more handicapped people are able to travel. And we have laws in the US that require businesses make reasonable accommodations for the handicapped. This man went above all of that and personally purchased a device that would accommodate him. However, Southwest would not comply and rescinded his tickets. Such a shame.

You may have top-tier elite status, but… – Another reminder that it is important to know the benefits you are entitled to and don’t be shy about asking for them. Don’t ever be a jerk about it, but don’t be a pushover either. In this case, because the author knew that he was entitled to upgrades and that his bill should have been zero, he was able to work with the staff to correct the issues. If he hadn’t his vacation could have turned into a nightmare.

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