Wizard of Oz Theme Park Re-Opening, 3rd Visitor Dies at Grand Canyon, Spilling Drinks on American CEO

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The Morning Shave

Man Falls Off Edge at Grand Canyon, Marking Third Visitor Death in 8 Days. – The Grand Canyon is beautiful but you have to respect it. It is so big that it is impossible to fence off or otherwise protect people from themselves. Frankly, with so many tourists visiting, I’m surprised that there aren’t more deaths.

North Carolina’s Legendary ‘Wizard of Oz’ Theme Park Is Reopening for a Few Days This Summer — Here’s How to Visit. – This seems like such a fun weekend trip! I booked tickets to take the kids. We’ll have to rent the Wizard of Oz before we go so they’ll understand what’s going on. Perfect timing with the 80th anniversary of the movie!

Oops: Flight Attendant (Accidentally) Spills Tray Of Drinks On American CEO. – Reminds me of Urkel “did I do that?” HAHA Of course, accidents happen, but there’s always the possibility that the “accident” wasn’t quite accidental. I’m glad it seems that Mr. Parker had a good attitude about it and took a nice picture with the flight attendant. Would you do that to your boss if you had the chance?

CLEAR Raising Prices for Delta SkyMiles Members. – If you travel more than a couple of times a year, I highly recommend signing up for CLEAR. You can receive a free 2-month trial using my CLEAR referral link. So many TSA PreCheck lines get filled up these days, that this small investment is an excellent way to skip all of the lines yet still use your PreCheck benefits.

This New Spiral Path in the Middle of the Forest Lets You Walk Among the Treetops in Denmark. – I love unique attractions like this. They could have made a simple staircase or ramp, but they designed something beautiful that enhances the experience. Memories and experiences like this are what I want when I’m spending my money on vacation!

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