Credit Score Myths, 100s of Flights Delayed Due To IT Problem, Hampton Inn Exorcism

Barclays Credit Score 2019-02-04
My credit score courtesy of Barclays
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The Morning Shave

Hundreds of flights across the US are delayed after a major IT outage hit at least 5 airlines. – Such a simple error is wreaking havoc on our airlines. Today’s airlines operate with such little slack in their operations, one little problem causes a domino effect that can take days to recover from. If you’re flying today, I wish you luck.

Myths: What impacts credit scores? – There are a lot of false beliefs about credit scores. For example, your income has no direct impact on your credit score. It has a secondary effect because the more you make, the more you should be able to pay your bills. And, having a higher income often increases your ability to get approved for a loan since banks focus on getting repaid. But, the bottom line is that two identical people who make different amounts of money should have the same credit score.

Financial problems
Photo courtesy of VantageScore

Scenic Swimming Holes You Have to See to Believe. – These swimming holes are gorgeous. We have one near me in Nashville called Cummins Falls. It is very popular in the summertime and a great place to relax and get away from the heat.

Turn Your Weekends Into Mini-Vacations. – I think most of us in the travel rewards world are accustomed to this strategy. If you’re working a 9-to-5 job and can’t get away for a week at a time, make the most of your weekends by flying out Friday night and come home Sunday evening. Or, if you’re like me, take a red-eye Sunday night and head to work straight from the airport! A vacation doesn’t have to be something extensive, and sometimes you only need a couple of days to explore everything you want to see.

Hampton Inn manager requested an exorcism for an employee. He refused. – Ok, this is just ridiculous. First off, you shouldn’t be prying that deep into an employee’s personnel file. And, second, don’t bring your religion into someone else’s situation. I have my beliefs and respect your right to have your beliefs, but when you start pushing your beliefs on me, that’s when we’re going to have problems.

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