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Why can’t Midwest and East Coast travelers find Southwest Airlines return flights from Hawaii? – Everyone was so happy when Southwest started flying to Hawaii, but problems are starting to pop up. The problem for people living in the Midwest and the Eastern side of the country is getting home. It is a long flight from Hawaii to the mainland, plus there are connections and the time change to contend with. Because Southwest doesn’t fly redeyes or late at night, there are no options available for these passengers. Best they can do currently is to fly back to the West Coast on one day, then fly home the next day. Or you can fly another airline on your return flight.

More Info About Requiring A Visa When Traveling To Europe As A U.S. Citizen. – Starting in January 2021, all US citizens are required to obtain a Visa (not the credit card) when traveling to a Euro-zone country. We’ve been spoiled all of this time without the paperwork and cost of Visas. But that gravy train is ending December 2020.

American Airlines Updates Its ‘Flat Tire Rule’ to Help If You’re Late to the Airport. – I haven’t had to use this excuse yet, but I always keep it in my back pocket just in case. Just make sure that you check in for your flight and arrive within 2 hours of your scheduled departure time.

Scheduling Your Global Entry Interview Appointment Faster. – It has never been easier to get Global Entry. More and more credit cards are including up to $100 in reimbursement, including the Capital One Venture Card whose annual fee is waived the first year and offers a $500 sign up bonus! The problem once you sign up has been setting your interview appointment.

What Marriott’s CEO Thinks of the Bonvoy Name and the New Rewards Program. – If you read between the lines, lower costs of the program mean fewer benefits for us members. It pays to be loyal… to a point. Don’t blindly follow these reward programs because they are constantly tinkering with them to find the right balance of retention vs. cost reduction. They’re ok with losing a few members if it means saving millions of dollars every year.

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  1. I usually fly Southwest in the United States but Hawaii is too far from the Midwest to fly in economy for me. The only way I see booking a Hawaii Southwest flight is when they start flying nonstop from San Diego if I can stay with my in-laws for a couple of days to break up the long trip.

    • Even if you fly from the Midwest, all Southwest flights to Hawaii will stop in California. So you’ll at least get a little break as you switch planes. I think it will be awhile before they add San Diego as a departure spot.


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