Southwest No-Fee Changes For 737 MAX, Google Flights New Tools, Credit App Denial Strategies

Southwest Heart One
Photo courtesy of Southwest. Photo Credit: Stephen M. Keller
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The Morning Shave

Google Flights just added two amazing features you should know about. – The budget feature is a welcome addition for people who know how much they want to spend and are open to opportunities around the world. And I like that Google Flights will give you an indicator if the flight you are looking at is low, average, or high compared to historical pricing information.

Flying a Southwest 737 MAX 8 Aircraft? You Can Change Your Itinerary at No Fee. – Southwest is doing the right thing here. These aircraft may be safe, but they may not. Making it easy for customers to change flights and feel comfortable is a smart move to retain loyal travelers and ease their concerns.

Next Phase of the Heart Brand
Image courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

Canada Grounds 737 MAX, Only US Airlines Fly The Plane Now. – Considering how paranoid our regulators can be about things, this is completely surprising. The only answer in my mind is that Boeing is a US airplane manufacturer and they don’t want to give up any market share to Airbus.

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit National Parks. – Our National Parks offer so much variety and escape from our normal 9-to-5. I’m looking forward to exploring more of them this summer with the kids as we road trip for a couple of weeks. The most important rule is to “leave no trace.” We want the National Parks to be just as amazing for the next visitors as it was for you. And, if you see some trash, feel free to pick it up and throw it away.

What to do if your credit card application is denied. – Credit declines happen to everyone. But just because it was initially declined, doesn’t mean that you can’t get approved. Follow this guide and you might just get approved after all!

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  1. WN has NEVER had change fees for ANY flights. I’d think a blogger on Boarding Area would know the difference between a change fee and a difference in fare.

    • Yes, we know the difference between the two. I’ve been an avid SW fan forever. They’re my favorite airline, and I’ve had the Companion Pass for 13 consecutive years.

      There are limits to headline text, so we have to take liberties with wording sometimes.

      As you said, there are no change fees but a difference in fares if you pick a more expensive flight. Many inexperienced travelers look at this as a de-facto change fee, especially if they’re within the 14 day window and cannot select another Wanna Get Away Fare.


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