Hilton Best Price Guarantee Is A Joke, Is 737 Design The Problem?, Simon Mall Loves MS

Hilton Stockholm Slussen King Executive view
View from the Hilton Stockholm Slussen
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The Morning Shave

Simon says (again) MS is great and they’re willing to help. – We hear so many bad things about MS and stores being “shut down” to people who do this to earn miles and points. It is refreshing to read that Simon Mall actually likes the activity and is making it easier for us to do it.

Hilton’s “Best Price Guarantee” has become a great big marketing joke. – Hotels and airlines want you to book direct. They offer best price guarantees to motivate you to do so. But when they exclude websites or rates, it erodes customer loyalty and makes customers reconsider their decision to spend money with a brand. Such a shame.

The beautiful Hilton Checkers in Downtown Los Angeles!

The Beginners Guide to Travel Hacking. – We discuss how to start travel hacking and major pitfalls to avoid. You can earn a ton of rewards and travel for free, but always be careful with your credit.

How a 50-year-old design came back to haunt Boeing with its troubled 737 Max jet. – It’s incredible (both in a good way and bad way) that this airplane design has lasted so long. Think of what the technology was 50 years ago and what it is today. I hope that these crashes give Boeing the nudge they need to create a new design from scratch.

Why Your Next Spa Weekend Should Be at Tennessee’s Blackberry Mountain. – Tennessee is filled with so many amazing destinations. I’m looking forward to exploring more of them, like Blackberry Mountain, in 2019 and beyond.

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  1. The Inn at Blackberry Farm has a magnificent reputation and supposedly a price tag to match. Since it’s nearby, I’ve known a couple of people that’ve worked there. They said that if you want to see a Fortune 500 CEO in the area, that’s the place to go.

    • The hotel is absolutely beautiful, but, wow, the prices are stratospheric. For many of the dates I searched, there was a two- or three-night minimum with rates at $1000+ per night. I’m too spoiled with free nights using points to spend that kind of money for a hotel stay.


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