Airport Lounges Introducing Wellness Programs, National Parks Destroyed, Aruba Sin Taxes Up To 333%

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The Morning Shave

America’s most stunning jerks are flocking to your national parks. Who are they? – Absolutely incredible (in a bad way) what these idiots have done to our national parks. Such selfish behavior will take so long to recover from. In some cases, we may never recover. I like how one person in charge equated the situation to leaving the doors open to the Smithsonian and trusting that nobody would damage or steal anything.

A New Trend In Airline Lounges: Yoga, Stretching, and Wellbeing. – We can all use a little less stress and more focus on our wellbeing. I would totally go for this if it was available at the lounges I find while traveling. Would you?


IHG Hotels & Resorts hosting special Super Bowl events in Buckhead, Midtown. – If you’re in Atlanta for the Super Bowl, check out the special events hosted by the local IHG properties.

Aruba Tourists Hit With A New Sin Tax Of Up To 333%. Will Other Countries Follow? – What a crazy increase in prices for vices like alcohol, cigarettes, and other activities. I wonder how this will affect tourism as dollars that would have otherwise been spent on activities and food with small businesses now goes to the government.

There’s a ‘Beer Train’ in Colorado That Takes You on a Day-Long Mountain Adventure. – This sounds like a lot of fun. Exploring the beautiful mountains and countryside while enjoying some tasty beverages with your friends.

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  1. It’s very funny when Americans look down on other “lawless” cultures. Especially the white supremacist Christian stupid ***** [edited].

    Americans are on the straight and narrow only because of laws and people that get paid to uphold the laws. If money was taken out, Americans at a basic level are pretty selfish lawless people themselves. We see examples of that when law and order breaks down.

    A little more cultural humility is in order from the white supremacists and their enablers. They are no better than people they look down on.

    • I think we all tend to generalize too much. But there are good and bad people of every race, culture, ethnicity, and gender. And I think that many people resort to stereotypes too quickly because they haven’t been exposed to other cultures so they can speak from personal experience.

      This is why I love travel and encourage people to do it as much as possible. Education and experience breaks down barriers.

      The worst part is that none of this should have happened. All of this over funding for a wall that will be ineffective to the actual methods that smugglers, terrorists, etc. use to enter our country.


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